January 31, 2024 at 8:31 pm

Bad Boyfriend Moved On Immediately With His Maid, So His Ex Used Their Dog To Destroy Some Of The Maid’s Belongings

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

There’s a reason why people use the expression, “We don’t deserve dogs.”

And this story is proof of that!

Check out how this woman got her dog involved in the revenge she had to get after she found out what her ex was really like.

Ex moved on within a day. Enlisted my dog in my petty revenge.

“This happened over 10 years ago, might be kind of lame, but still makes me chuckle.

Her BF was a total creep.

My ex and I broke up on a Wednesday. He was a bad BF (cheated on me numerous times, tore down my self esteem because he thought it was ”fun”, called me fat, ugly, stupid,…) so even though it hurt, I was fine with breaking up and it all went amicably.

I packed up some of my belongings and moved to my mom’s place the very same day.

As my mom is allergic to dogs, we had decided that the dog would stay with him. Our new cleaning lady was to start on Thursday.

She contacted me on Wednesday to go over arrangements and I gave her my ex’s info since I was in the process of moving out.

She was in for a surprise.

On Friday I went over to my old appartement to transfer my files from our joint laptop to my new laptop.

My ex was home at the time and was sitting across from me at the kitchen table.

The entire time he was on his phone, giggling like a schoolgirl. I asked him what was so funny and he eventually confessed that he was texting with the cleaning lady.

Gotta say, that hurt.

So I packed up the two laptops and I told him I would finish transferring everything at home.

When I was deleting my passwords and everything from our Internet browser, I noticed that he had spend a lot of time on the cleaning lady’s social media, commenting, liking her photo’s and what have you.


Payback time!

On Sunday I went over to the apartment again to pick up the remainder of my stuff and drop off the laptop and my keys while he was at work.

When I came in, the dog was happily chewing on a woman’s boot.

Not my boot. Hers.

I recognised it from her photos.

I also found some of her clothes in the bedroom. Boy moved on quick!

So I switched the boot the dog was chewing on with the other one so both would be ruined, gave him a ”good boy” and walked out!”

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That’s a good boy!

You gotta love a loyal dog…

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