January 19, 2024 at 6:51 am

Bully Called Her Overweight In A Facebook Group, So She Accidentally Ruined His Marriage By Pretending They Were Having An Affair

by Trisha Leigh

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Navigating the internet is a nuanced thing, and it can be tough to keep up, too, since it changes so quickly.

If you take this story to heart, it may be time to think twice before you clap back at someone with a lie you can’t fess up to in a timely manner.

OP posted on her neighborhood Facebook page with a noise complaint.

I (42 F) TIFU big time.

2 weeks ago on a random Thursday morning at like 1AM someone starting shooting off fireworks in my neighborhood.

I’ve been having bouts of insomnia and was finally able to get to sleep and I had to get to wake up at 4AM for a meeting 2 hours away that I had to be at for 8AM.

I was angry and so we’re my dogs.

I love fireworks but think there’s a time and a place. Thursday morning at 1AM is not it.

I posted to the neighborhood fb group a few hours later during a coffee break about people that set off fireworks at 1AM mid-week.

After I make the long drive home, I check my fb. Some guy comments that I can’t sleep because I’m a fat pig.

Now, I’m chubby but not sloppy fat. Plus I just lost the equivalent of a fully grown male wombat, or 54 North American grey squirrels, so I feel awesome about myself.

When she responded to a man who called her fat, she told a lie.

This is where I may have really messed up…

I respond to the guy, who was maybe mid to late 30’s/very early 40’s. About the same age group as me.

I write in a comment beneath his, “Listen guys name I’m sorry I had to end things, but I just didn’t have the same feelings. What you’re saying now is just hurtful and mean. Please stop sending me messages and commenting on my fb posts is just a pathetic way to contact me. I told you a dozen times already, we are done. It’s over.”

Then, she went on vacation.

The following day I had to get to the airport for an out of country vacation that had me getting up early and leaving early… so I don’t check my fb during all the craziness

Also because I’m only on it sparingly. I don’t live on my phone and when I am, I’m usually on Reddit or TikTok vs FB.

I could not check my fb even if I wanted. I was on a cruise- not paying $25/day for internet and the country we visited didn’t really have the greatest Wi-Fi.

Besides I was having a blast leaving the chaos of the world behind.

When she came back, she tried to set the record straight but it didn’t change anything.

I signed on Monday night and OOPS.

Apparently, people took this seriously and told his wife! She was freaking out on me, pleading for information. Sending me messages.

Her and his friends were DMing me. He was DMing me. It was bad.

The last message was the guy saying I’m a total **** because I refused to tell the truth and I just destroyed his life. I immediately message both him and his wife explaining what happened. I sent pics of me on vacation even – time stamped.

Was she at fault? Should she feel bad?

Apparently, he is a serial cheater and when I exposed our affair, another woman exposed her affair with the husband to the wife because AP was jealous that he had yet another side chick.

This was the straw that broke the camel’s back because not only of the multiple affairs, but because he humiliated her with how public it was (especially it being a neighborhood group).

So there’s my accidental pro revenge.

Reddit’s going to let her know!

The top comment she just helped things along.

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And really, she did the wife a favor.

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The guy is certainly no catch.

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Not everyone wants to let OP off the hook.

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But they suppose justice was served.

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This is pretty stunning.

Who would have thought this is where the ball would stop?

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