January 4, 2024 at 5:54 pm

Customer Refused To Pay Her Tattoo Artist, So He Got Epic Revenge And Gave Her A Tattoo She’ll Never Live Down

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@kgadia87

If you learn anything today that sticks in your brain permanently, it should be this: don’t ever stiff anyone for any kind of payment, but especially don’t stiff tattoo artists.

Or else something like this might happen to you…

Read on to see what I’m talking about.

Pay Your Tattoo Artists.

“This happened when I was young, heard it secondhand from my grandmother, who the main character of the cast lived with at the time.

My uncle’s ex-girlfriend was an all around horrible person. Abusive babysitter, got my uncle into bad crowds and legal trouble, and dabbled in so many substances from A to Z. She was also heavily tatted.

There was an artist, the star of the story, who was a family friend. Great dude, insane work. She asks him to do a piece for her. Huge, intricate angel wings (oh, the irony) across her back. He agrees.

This was a long and expensive process.

It takes several sessions across weeks. She repeatedly has to postpone payment, but he’s chill, family friend, Yada Yada.

Until it comes to the last session, when it slips that she still doesn’t have the money, and more importantly, WON’T have the money.

Like, ever.

Yeah, you read that right. She refused to pay the person who was going to be marking her forever.

This should turn out well…

Now, the pro revenge.

No collection agency, no refusal to continue.

He smiles, waves it off, says he’ll finish up. No charge. It’s gonna be a great piece. Legendary. One for the history books, he guarantees.

She’s stoked.

It was time to teach her a lesson she’s never forget.

So right between those gorgeous wings, right up her spine, this idiot now has a massive, veiny male appendage proudly standing at attention up her spine.

She saw it in the mirror when he finished and she was LIVID.

But hey, what’s she gonna do? She didn’t pay him, and wasn’t going to pay him, and expected hours and hours of work.

You give a lot of trust to someone when they take a needle to your skin to lay down something permanent.

Don’t stiff your artists.”

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Yikes! That’s permanent, ya know?!?!

What was she thinking…?

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