January 10, 2024 at 2:55 pm

Daughter Made A Christmas Gift Powerpoint For Her Parents And It’s Just As Hilarious As It Sounds

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

Gift giving can be a tough thing for families every year. Some people are just kinda hard to shop for.

But somehow this girl is simultaneously the easiest and the most difficult one of all.

Jenna on TikTok came up with the perfect satirical board meeting for her family, and the internet’s loving it.

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

She dons the role of the bratty little sister to a “T”!

Jenna masterfully creates a slide show presentation to show to her ‘parents’, detailing the exact level of quantity and quality she requests.

It’s pretty brilliant.

Even going so far as to create named levels of gift numbers!

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

Her tongue-in-cheek presentation continues, as she reminds her parents that only she knows how to reset the wifi, amongst other things.

This list, if followed precisely, will keep those pesky sugar daddies at bay.

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

Somewhere though, you just know that there’s a handful of people who are like this in real life.

Watch the hilarious presentation here:


open up ur hearts and ur wallets this holiday szn #christmaslistpresentation #whatiwantforchristmas #christmaslist #satire

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Let’s see what the comments section had to say.

One commenter needed to see the entirety of this exorbitant list.

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

This person said what most everyone was thinking.

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

While another TikTok user thought 25 of this gift might not be enough.

Source: TikTok/@itsjennalu

Gotta give her an A for creativity I guess?

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