January 26, 2024 at 7:28 pm

Girl Moves Spoiled Stepsister’s Items Out Of Shared Room Until She Agrees To Drive Her To School In Her Tesla

by Addison Sartino

Source: Reddit/AITA, Pexels

Stepsibling relationships can be awkward and uncomfortable.

From strangers to roommates in an instant.

This girl took to Reddit to share the story of her and her stepsister.

So, my dad has been married to my stepmom for 10 years.

My stepsister and I are both 16f. Even tho my dad has been married to her mom for 10 years, my stepsister and I don’t really know each other.

The girl’s stepsister has lived in different countries her whole life.

Her dad works for some big international company and she lived in Asia from when she was 3 until she was 9, then in Europe until she was 13, then lived in South America until September.

Now they’re in the US until the summer then they’re going back to Asia.

They’re staying a few minutes away from my dad and stepmom and she’s been spending weekends with us.

Now that she’s actually here on weekends, my dad and stepmom put another bed in my room and said I have to share until they move again.

To try to avoid taking the bus, the. girl told her step sister she should drive her to school in her luxury car.

She goes to this 75k a year international school by my school and drives a brand new Tesla.

I go to public school and take the bus.

I told her she should drive me to school because her school is next to mine and the bus sucks. She said no. I told her to be a good sister and help me out and she said she’s not my sister.

Since she won’t help me out and says she’s not my sister, I won’t be sharing a room with her.

I left her stuff outside the room and took the spare keys so they couldn’t let her in and I told her I’ll share my room when she shares her car.

With tension in the house, the stepsister’s dad has stated that his daughter will no longer be staying at her mom’s house on the weekends.

Now her dad won’t let her come here and says her mom has to go to their house to see her.

They also might go back to Asia early because apparently the whole point of them staying here for a year was for her to get to know her mom (she visits for a couple weeks a year but it’s different) and that’s not going to happen if she doesn’t have a room at the house.

They’re saying they get why I did it but I need to deal with her until she goes back to Asia.

AITA for telling her I’ll share my room when she shares her car?

Readers were divided with this story.

This person felt the stepsister should be gracious in return for the writer sharing her space.

Source: Reddit/AITA

While this reader felt the girl was flat out impolite.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person said the stepmom was the real victim of the story.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I think it’s best to suck it up on this one.

Sharing the room is a temporary problem while not sharing the room creates a long term problem.

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