January 31, 2024 at 6:47 pm

Guy Dragged His Feet Attending His Daughter’s Graduation, So Sister Made Sure He Had An Awful Travel Experience

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is one of the better “Petty Revenge” stories you’re ever gonna read…

And we think that it taught the guy in this story a HUGE lesson that he’ll never forget.

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How I made my brother fly all over the country to get to his daughter’s graduation.

“So I (50f) have an exceptionally annoying older brother (61m).

There came a time in his life when his youngest daughter was graduating from college in Ohio.

We live in Washington state and a few of the family had made plans to go to my nieces college graduation and taking a few vacation days to see the sights so we would be leaving before him.

Her brother wasn’t exactly on the ball…

My brother kept procrastinating and not making plane reservations for some unknown reason.

Finally when it was getting close to the date I asked him one last time, are you, or are you not coming with us to the graduation?

He whined and complained and asked if I would make the plane reservation because he was too busy, it was such a pain, etc.

Ask and you shall receive!

I said sure no problem, and I then proceeded to send him all over the country on Southwest Airlines so that he ended up taking four airplanes between Seattle and Ohio over about 12 hours.

I believe he flew from Seattle to Los Angeles to Salt Lake City to Atlanta and then to Cleveland (or something like that, as that particular detail is a big foggy as it was about 12 yrs ago).

We went to pick him up at the airport and he kept saying “i just can’t figure out why I had to take so many planes to get here. It seems like there should’ve been a more direct flight”.

Baby sister just smiled and said “huh that’s so weird, I wonder how that happened?””

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This person hopes their brother learned his lesson.

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Another person wants more info on the brother.

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Sounds like this guy had it coming.

What a jerk!

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