January 19, 2024 at 1:49 pm

Her “Anti-Capitalist” Cousin Married A Rich Man And Is Doing Things To Hurt The Environment, So She Pointed That Out And Caused A Rift

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@theyshane

Most people change as they get older…and that’s especially true when it comes to money.

Oh, to be young and idealistic…do you remember those days?

Either way, read this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page and see if you think this person was out of line for what they said to their cousin about marrying a rich fella.

AITA for calling my cousin a hypocrite for marrying a rich man?

“Before my cousin married her husband she was one of those “eat the rich” anti-capitalist people who blamed rich people for the world’s problems, especially climate change.

Their cousin is a bit much…

I love her but she was annoying about the whole thing a lot of the time and it was almost her entire personality at one point.

She didn’t like rich people to the point that when she met her husband she claimed he only wanted to date her because he wasn’t used to not getting his way because he grew up rich and she’d get angry whenever he did anything nice for her.

Even when she married him she claimed it was okay because she could give all of his money away if she did.

They moved to Australia a few months ago and they were supposed to stay there for 3 years minimum but my cousin found out she was pregnant 2 weeks ago and, according to her husband, had a complete meltdown.

And it sounds like she gets whatever she wants.

She’s never lived away from her parents before and she said she was already overwhelmed because her life has been changing so fast so finding out she was pregnant was the final straw.

Her husband is really sweet so he dropped everything and they left Australia the very next day.

He has to go back after the holidays to sort some things out and it seems like they’re going to have to be long distance for a while since my cousin doesn’t want to be so far from family.

She told me he was planning to fly back and forth while he sorted some things out.

They laid some truth on her.

I pointed out how that would be really bad for the environment since she still acts like she’s super passionate about climate change.

She claims they don’t have another choice which I pointed out is very clearly a lie.

I also told her she had become a hypocrite by marrying her husband since he was everything she stood against personified.

I think her pregnancy hormones got to her because she started crying when she normally wouldn’t cry over something like this.

I feel bad for making her cry since that wasn’t my intention.


And here’s how people reacted.

This person said she’s an ******* and explained why.

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Another individual made a good point about her cousin.

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Another reader thinks she’s just trying to be happy.

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One Reddit user thinks her cousin needs a bit of a wake-up call.

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And this individual thinks the cousin is a hypocrite, but…

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The truth can hurt sometimes…

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