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Her Brother Didn’t Invite Her Partner To His Wedding, So She Decided To Skip It Altogether

by Matthew Gilligan

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This is a real bummer

Anytime you hear about someone being left out of their significant other’s family event, it’s going to lead to some hurt feelings.

So was this woman wrong for refusing to go to her brother’s wedding?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for refusing to attend my brother’s wedding if my partner isn’t invited?

My (34f) brother (36m) is getting married this year. My invite arrived this week, and it was conspicuously didn’t name my girlfriend (32f) of 5 years, or mention a +1.

Her brother wasn’t budging.

I messaged him to RSVP and ask if she could come too. He said there was a hard limit on numbers “due to catering”, so they’d had to be selective about invites, and our other sister didn’t get a +1 either (she’s currently single though).

His wedding isn’t huge – maybe 100 people, but his excuse sat a little weird with me, so I asked around.

It turns out every other family member in a relationship has their partner invited – including cousins he’s not close with, other unmarried couples etc.

She thinks she knows what’s really going on…

It’s hard not to think it’s because I’m the only out person in the family.

When I first came out my family reacted very badly, but over the years I thought things had thawed a little.

My brother even agreed to meet my girlfriend a couple of years ago and it seemed to go fine.

I messaged him again and thanked him for the invitation, but said I wouldn’t come unless my girlfriend could too.

Now my mom is telling me that I’m being totally unreasonable, and that it’s his wedding and I’m making it about myself by being demanding etc.

I know it’s his wedding and he can invite who he likes, and I’m not trying to start a fight, but honestly I don’t like the idea of going to another family event where I’m expected to hide who I am to “keep the peace”.


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It really is sad that in this day and age people still can’t accept their family members for who they are.

Perhaps one day…

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