January 28, 2024 at 6:22 pm

Her Estranged Stepsister Used Her Name For Her Baby, So She Had To Cut Them Off

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Walk talk on Reddit often about baby names. Whether people’s family hate the one they chose, they’re arguing with a partner over the right one, or something else, there’s no doubt it’s a big deal.

OP is part of a blended family and is not close to her dad or step siblings.

For context i’m (20F), I was named after my great grandmother on my moms side who passed when my mom was young.

I’m the youngest of my siblings, i was close to my step siblings growing up but after realizing how my step mom and two out of three step siblings use my father and literally LEECH off of him.

So, when she found out her stepsister used her name, it was weird for her.

My oldest step sister(25F) has two kids, her oldest(4M) was named after my brother(23M) and her youngest(7 months F) with my name as her middle name.

She didn’t speak to me or my brother about naming her kids after us/including our names in their names and i just think it’s so weird because 1.

Both of our names are not common AT ALL 2. I haven’t spoken to that side of the family in almost a year 3.

My brother and I were always left out of sibling days by our step sisters.

the only way i found out about the baby having my name as her middle name was when my dad sent me a picture of the baby with her name at the bottom

In fact, she decided to cut them off completely because of it.

I did block my dad’s number after he sent that as that was the first text i’ve received from him in over 6 months(and i was very upset).

I have given them all the silent treatment since then as i want no part of that weird family.

I just feel like it’s a way of replacing me and my brother as we’ve grown detached from that side of the family since my dad pretty much prioritized them rather than my brother and I when we were minors.

Part of me feels like i might be overreacting but i just think it’s weird that my name was taken without a discussion.

So… AITA for giving them all the silent treatment after that?

Did she overreact? Let’s find out what Reddit thinks!

The top comment says OP doesn’t need this drama in her life.

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This person agrees the whole thing is super duper weird.

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Most people understand why.

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They say OP could be petty if she wanted to.

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There could even be something nefarious afoot.

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I agree this is very weird.

And definitely sounds like a last straw.

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