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Her Husband Kicked Her Out Of Their House And Moved His Girlfriend In. Now He’s Deceased And She’s Going To Sell The House.

by Matthew Gilligan

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What’s yours is yours…

That’s the way the world works and sometimes that means taking ownership of things even if you know if that means stepping on the toes of other folks.

So, was this woman a jerk for what she did?

Get all the details below and see if you think she went too far…

AITA for forcing a sale of my late husband and his girlfriend’s home?

This has caused a lot of mixed reactions and I want unbiased opinion.

Neither me nor my late husband and his girlfriend have any children.

Times were previously really tough.

I (35f) got separated from my husband (37m) over 10 years ago, unfortunately he has left me with a lot of debt to pay and in a position where I was nearly homeless.

I have only stopped paying the debt off 2 years ago but there is still a lot of work to improve my credit history.

Because of all the stress he caused me we never got divorced or formally separated. A matter of fact is we never spoke after I was kicked out from the flat so his girlfriend “Anna” can move in.

I was planning to file for divorce once I have enough spare income, but some events took place before I was able to do so.

There was an unexpected turn of events.

Now to where I can be a jerk: 2 months ago my husband passed away in a freak accident. He left no will behind and has a house which is paid off with his girlfriend (he ended up having a big promotion at work).

I have spoken to the lawyer and because we never divorced or filed for separation I am entitled to half of the house as his next to kin.

Last week I have informed Anna through a letter that I want the house to be sold. She can either buy my half or I will have to force a sale, it is up to her.

She’s only looking out for her best interests.

I do not want to live in the house, but the money from the sale could really help out to sort out the damage done by the loans I had to pay for the ex as well as a deposit for my own place so I don’t have to live in absolute dumps due to poor credit/not a very high paying job.

It will also help me to work on my qualifications so I can get a better job and retirement.

However Anna and my ex’s family have called me a massive jerk, saying I have no right to the house (legally I do) and that I am being cruel and vindictive.

I have reminded them that it is not my fault their son haven’t divorced me or had a will and said I don’t see how it is unfair as I had to pay for his debts while he lived a comfy life.


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Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do, right?

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