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His Brother And His Pregnant Girlfriend Come Over For Dinner, But She Throws His Food Out. So He Tells Them To Leave.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Never touch another man’s fries…

I learned that lesson from the early 1990s movie Men at Work and for some reason, it always stuck with me.

And this story from Reddit made me think of that scene…

So is this guy a jerk for how he reacted when someone threw away his food?

Let’s see what he had to say…

AITA for yelling at my brother’s pregnant girlfriend and kicking them both out of my house after she threw away my food ?

“I (27M) live alone. My brother (21M) and his girlfriend (19F) still live with our parents as they can’t afford a place of their own. His gf is currently pregnant with him in 4 months.

His brother’s GF had a complaint…

My brother asked to bring his girlfriend for dinner in order to catch up and I said sure, why not. However the moment she entered my house she started complaining about the smell of the steak I was making and said just the smell alone makes her nauseous and she can’t eat this.

I tried to suggest an alternative, but she was set on Chinese food and ended up sending my brother to the nearest mall in order to get her some.

I thought that would be the end of it, but after going to the bathroom and coming back, I caught her throwing my unfinished steak into the garbage.

He was not cool with this.

I asked her what the hell she was doing and said the smell was so strong she thought she’d end up throwing up on the floor and she needed to get rid of it and then started spraying a perfume from her purse in my kitchen. I was beyond furious at this point and sent her back to the living room and after my brother came back from the mall, I kicked both of them out with their Chinese food.

My brother tried to convince me to let them back and that I could make something else for the two of us and his gf was pretty much sobbing at this point, but I was set on kicking them both out. However my parents ended up being mad at me for apparently causing so much distress to my brother’s pregnant gf.

He stood his ground.

I told them that she literally threw away our dinner, but they said that I shouldn’t have yelled at her or kicked them out as she’s still just a teenager who’s now getting influenced by her pregnancy hormones and that my outburst also caused problems in their relationship as she ended up sending my brother to sleep on the couch that night (even tho he literally defended her as well against me, so I have no clue how this is my fault).

AITA for apparently not having enough tact to deal with a pregnant teenager ?”

Now let’s see how Reddit users reacted.

This person said he did the right thing.

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Another Reddit user said she handled this terribly.

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One Reddit user said he’s NTA and they would have booted her out.

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Another Reddit user said she’s gonna be in for a rude awakening…

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That was pretty odd…

Don’t mess with someone else’s food!

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