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His New Sister-In-Law Demands Rubies For Christmas, So He And His Wife Got Her Nothing At All

by Trisha Leigh

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Most people learn when they are children that you cannot demand a gift. Not only that, but when someone gifts you anything at all, you had better smile and say thank you.

Some folks, though, seem to never learn that lesson at all.

OP and his wife have a family tradition of gifting jewelry.

My wife and I normally give our mothers and sisters (one on each side) a piece of jewelry as a gift for Christmas.

I’m close to my younger unmarried sister and I enjoy getting her the jewelry.

They kicked in money to buy new jewelry for their new sister-in-law’s wedding.

My brother got married this year and my family chipped in to pay for his wife’s bridal jewelry. It was an expensive pearl and diamond set.

I wasn’t planning to get her anything else other than a few small things for Christmas after that.

Apparently hearing of the tradition, she decided to tell them what she wanted for Christmas.

At Thanksgiving, she announced she would like rubies or a red stone for Christmas. My mom, mil, and my wife’s sister have never made demands on stone or anything.

My wife and I decided my new SIL isn’t getting any jewelry after that even if it’s $5 worth.

Things went from bad to worse when my brother stopped by to inspect the jewelry because his wife wanted something more colorful than pearls and she wanted red stone.

She was coordinating what outfit she was wearing on Christmas.

OP and his wife had other plans.

My wife left the room after hearing this and my brother and I had an epic screaming match over his wife and us getting her a purse instead of jewelry.

I decided at that point “f— that”and my brother and his wife are now getting nothing because who acts like this?

OP told his brother to buy it himself and now no one is coming to Christmas.

I told my brother to start the tradition of getting his wife jewelry for Christmas and he needs to start with rubies. My brother said he can’t afford it after the wedding and his wife is now my sister and I’m being petty asshole.

After the fight, my brother and SIL aren’t going to my parent’s Christmas because of me. My mom said she’s sad but she can’t force me to buy my SIL gifts .

My SIL now says that all of my side of the family hates her and that’s why we don’t buy her expensive gifts.

My brother says he will never speak to me again if I don’t apologize but at this point, I’m considering that the best Christmas gift of all.

Should OP cave or simply count his blessings? Reddit’s weighing in!

The top comment says this is unhinged behavior.

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Their expectations are way out of whack.

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They suggested some very petty compliance.

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This person chose the word “delusional.”

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Boundaries need to be set now.

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Not exactly putting her best foot forward, is she?

What a way to start off life with your new family.

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