January 11, 2024 at 1:46 am

Man Doesn’t Take Crying Baby Because He Has To Take A Phone Call, So Wife Reads Him The Riot Act

by Addison Sartino

Source: AITA/Reddit, Pexels

A classic tale of new parents. Moms do a ton of work with their new babies, and the dad doesn’t seem to be pitching in.

One such dad took to Reddit to explain a situation where he upset his wife, and he asking if he did anything wrong.

What do the folks on the internet think?

Read on…

Our daughter is 7 weeks old.

My wife is a full time SAHM (both of us want this until our daughter is at least 5, starts school and can openly communicate with us).

I work full time making $25 an hour and while the pay is good, I’ve been looking for something a bit better just so we have more fun money, basically.

The trouble starts…

I get home from work today at 3pm and she asks me to take the baby.

As soon as she asked though, I got a phone call that I suspected was from an interview so I said “hold on a second” and took the call.

It was an interviewer and he wanted to do an over the phone interview and asked if it was a good time.

I said yes.

Uh oh… this isn’t going to end well.

About 40 minutes later I go back in and my wife is cooking dinner with the baby strapped to her chest.

I said I could take the baby now and she said “looks like I’ve got it” and dismisses me completely.

She then turns off the stove (dinner was done) and goes in to the bathroom with the baby and takes a shower, with the baby.

I go in and say she’s being ridiculous and that I had to take a phone call and she snapped.

I told you so…

She said “I take phone calls while holding the baby all the ****ing time. I cook, clean, shower, **** and shave while holding the baby. Your excuse is pathetic.”

AITA for not taking the baby immediately?

Needless to say, readers were quick to defend the man’s wife.

One person offered a simple tip on communication.

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Another reader was considerate of the writer’s thought process, but ultimately sided with the man’s wife.

Source: AITA/Reddit

This reader was not having it with the father’s failure.

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Hopefully this new father has learned his lesson!

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