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She Offered To Pay For Dinner, But He Ghosted Her. So She Took Herself To A $400 Sushi Dinner And Made Him Feel Foolish.

by Abby Jamison

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The dating scene is rough, let me tell you!

For this person, she had an awesome date planned, and was going to pay for it, and this guy still fumbled the bag.

Let’s see exactly what went down…

My date blew me off for not buying him sushi. I got $400 omakase instead.

Hi. So there was this event at a bar that I was planning to go to this weekend and I asked this guy to be my date that night as I don’t like being alone in crowded unfamiliar places.

At first he seemed quite enthusiastic as he messaged me a lot about it. One time, he causally mentioned how expensive going out in NYC has become, which is true btw.

I went, “no worry, I will pick up the tab and we will have a good time”. I genuinely did not think of it as a big deal since I am not the most frugal person in the world.

Things seem to be going fine…

So the night before our supposed date, I wanted to confirm everything and messaged him that well, “we can also grab something to eat beforehand, what kind of food do you like?”

He got back to me, saying there is a sushi place in Queens he wants to try.

Initially, I was struck this being bizarre, as the bar is in the west village and if we do what he wants, I’d have to forfeit most of the night to be in Queens.

And the only reason why we are even hanging out is because I wanted to go to this bar.

So I made a logical response, suggesting we could get something else near the bar. He became unresponsive.

She had to text him again…

When I pressed for a confirmation from him for the itinerary, he said he needed to think about it.

At this point, I’d realize he really takes me for a meal ticket.

He’s trying to get me capitulated to his demands, as it’s already Friday night and I am running out of options of people still free and available, which as matter of fact I was.

So she decided to treat herself instead…

He really derailed my plan. And, I pulled out my phone and booked myself a $400 17-course omakase at a very nice place in the village.

I had blast with the insanely delicious meal and I posted the picture of the sushi to my instagram stories.

He messaged me later, claiming he’s sorry and he got busy with family, blah blah blah.

I blocked him immediately.

Let’s see what Reddit had to say about this.

This user is in full support.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

Another commenter had some words about the date.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

According to this person, the guy definitely messed up.

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

All in all, it was agreed that the guy sucks!

Source: Reddit/pettyrevenge

I’ll be dreaming of $400 sushi now, I guess!

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