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Online Bullies Wrecked His Minecraft Game, So He Sets A Devious Trap And Steals Their Most Valuable Items

by Trisha Leigh

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In recent years, science has debunked the idea that video games are nothing but bad. Instead, we’ve learned they can actually teach players a thing or two about how to interact and survive in the real world.

This story, though, shows that some players still have a long way to go.

OP and a friend enjoyed playing Minecraft together.

A few years ago, a friend and I decided to find a Minecraft (MC) server to play on together.

After searching for awhile and joining/leaving a handful of inadequate servers, we eventually landed on a nice one with a fairly large and active community.

The server had a reset a couple weeks before we joined, so most of the server was undeveloped.

As usual, we joined the game and chose a direction from the spawn to walk in order to find a suitable place to settle and set up our base.

After about 20 minutes, we find a good location near-enough to the rail system, but far enough away from most other players — all except Noob1 and Noob2.

Things were a lot less fun, though, after they ran into a couple of younger players.

N1 and N2 were definitely younger than me. I was probably older than the general demographic at 25, while they were probably closer to 15.

N1 and N2 weren’t the best builders. They were the types of players who spent most of their time begging the Admin for Mod privileges, however they both had the best armor in the game (full diamond) along with Diamond swords, and plenty of ender pearls, bow/arrows, etc. They were loaded.

They must have spent a ton of time mining before I arrived, because they spent all of their time harassing me any time I would join the server to play. They were usually logged in as it was the summer and they had nothing better to do.

I would be out planning out my base build and they would run up, full armor with a diamond sword and k— me instantly.

I was always unarmed and had an inventory filled with building blocks that I meticulously collected.

Fortunately this server allowed players to ‘protect’ a small portion of the land based on how long they had played the game.

I was able to protect a small cube of space from N1 and N2 so I could store my items. (for those of you who never played minecraft, you drop all of your inventory when you die).

No matter what they did, the kids logged on just to k— them and steal their things.

Over the next week, my friend and I spent time slowly building up the base one small section at a time. If N1 or N2 saw me, they would run over and k— me, so a lot of building was done from inside, removing dirt and replacing it with stone.

Now, I am a perfectionist when it comes to MC builds, so I was making sure to use the perfect materials and build the fortress exactly how I wanted. N1 and N2 slowed me down heavily, but eventually I had a towering fortress overlooking their tiny dirt hut.

The whole thing was protected. They couldn’t break any block or open any chest, however they could still k— me if they got inside — which happened on a few occasions. They would kill me, take all my stuff, then make fun of me after running home.

I had enough. I put the finishing touches on my fortress and closed off the top. I found out at this point that they were getting inside by throwing ender-pearls through my windows. Ender pearls allow you to teleport to whereever they land.

Now that they could no longer get inside, they would stand at the front gate and beg to be let in. I let them in once voluntarily and I was swiftly m——-d.

Finally, OP had enough and devised a plan.

Under the front gate, I spent hours building a drop-out flooring directly in front. I wired it to a lever inside that, when pulled, would drop out the floor.

This would make whoever was unlucky enough to be standing on it fall about 30 blocks. Not enough to k— someone, but enough to significantly weaken them.

At the point I wired up arrows and a lava dispenser to attack the victim upon impact.

I made sure all of my work was inconspicuous and hidden and I waited for N1 and N2 to come to my front door to harass me.

Finally that time came, and I didn’t have to wait too long.

It worked like a charm, and finally they were the ones begging for mercy.

N1 stood on the trap floor, unaware of the fate that awaits him. N2 was circling the fortress looking for another entrance.

All the while insults were hurled back and forth. I egged them on, dared them to try to come in, now that I knew I was ready.

I felt like kevin mccallister in Home alone.

Finally N1 and N2 grouped up at the front door. I approached and looked at them through a small hole in the door.

They gathered at the hole to look at me. We exchanged glances. I pulled the lever.

Both N1 and N2 fall into the pit. I pull the 2nd lever, triggering the arrows and lava. N1 d—. N2 logs out.

Due to my preparedness, I thought ahead to put a hopper (item collector) under the floor to pick up any dropped items to prevent the lava from burning it up.

I ran down and collected my new diamond armor set and stacks of meat and ender pearls.

N1 RAGES about his lost gear. He falls into the trap a few more times, losing even his basic gear in the process.

He begged for me to return it.

After about 30 minutes, he told me to deactivate the trap so N2 could log in, then safely warp to his base (using a command that the server had installed).

I agreed. However, I never deactivated the trap.

Cue diabolical music as I collected my winnings.

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