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Partygoers Were Rude To A Tow Truck Driver And Blocked Their Driveway, So They Got Revenge And Hauled All Their Cars Away

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@carbonlandrover

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Block my driveway? I’ll go ahead and take your vehicles.

“Friday night here in the country can get a little crazy sometimes so I don’t mind when my neighbors cause a ruckus or loud party as long as its not too crazy.

Tonight I’m on call for Virginia State Police towing rotation which means I’ve got 25 minutes to get to wherever the wreck/DUI/impound/etc is.

They got a surprise…and not a good one.

As luck would have it, my neighbors are having a party and guess what’s blocking my driveway? That’s right, about 25-30 cars.

I live down a dirt road at the end of a cul-de-sac, and its pretty narrow. One in one out type of deal, and with this rain we’ve been having, parking in the grass/clay/mud is really not the best idea.

Even with a 4×4 it can still get tricky.

I noticed a few cars coming in early this evening and walked over to my neighbors and made it pretty clear I was on call and as long as they didn’t block the road or my driveway all would be good. No problems here.

Well I get a call from my boss asking if I can go warm-up the Rotator and the light duty flatbed (tow trucks).

It’s about 12:30AM so I get my boots on and other gear because if I’m up I might as well stay at the shop and clean a few things to stay busy and make the night move along.

You can probably guess what happened…

I get in my car and as I’m backing out of the driveway I notice I’m blocked in. I don’t mean by one truck, but by nearly 15 different vehicles.

I calmly walk over to my neighbors about a 1/8th mile hike and as I’m looking for them through the crowd of wasted teenagers, some idiot wants to know why I’m on his property (he’s not the property owner, I’ve never seen this classy gentleman)

Finally, I find my neighbor and ask her if she can move the cars, I’ve got to go to work she says in a normal tone (doesn’t yell over the music) into the house “whoever’s blocking the driveway next door move your trucks” then slams the door in my face.

These folks were RUDE.

I knock again and she answers with a wasted “oh god this ***** again?” (internally I’m thinking alright then).

I do my best to explain, I’m on call and need to get out of my driveway to go to work, she comes back sloshing a Natural Light exclaiming its a party, relax!

Shuts the door in my face and yells “**** that ****”

I smile and as I’m walking away macho man throws a beer at me and cackles “yeah you best leave, go on, git!”

Okay, you asked for it!

I get on the phone with dispatch and call for as many trucks as we have available tonight (about ten) and tell them to come on over, mommas got some PPI’s (private property impounds).

I call police dispatch and ask if they’d send out a officer in case things get out of hand and as soon as he gets to my place, my rigs start rolling up and hooking vehicles up and taking them to the impound yard.

We get down to the last three vehicles. A yellow civic, gold Silverado and a old F-150

The civic owner bolts to his car and takes off. The Silverado girl (pretty wasted) gets stuck and starts tearing up my property.

Officer walks over and she throws a fit long story short she gets arrested for underage drinking and DUI. The Ford owner doesn’t show up.

I get to work after all the impounds and with me I brought coffees and snacks for my drivers.

Tomorrow’s not a business day which means if these tools want their cars back, its going to be the regular$289.50 plus two days of storage at $55 a day and a $100 gate fee.

I bet they regretted acting like such jerks!

I make a note in every single storage sheet (papers that the vehicle owners get) to thank the girl who had the party for getting towed.

Several of the kids parents called wanting to know where there cars or trucks were. I gave them the yard address and told them they can come anytime.

As soon as they started shouting about illegal tows and threatened with lawyers I showed them pictures of their cars with no parking signs.

And explained that I tried to reason with the owner of the property (me) but she was tired of being blocked in by intoxicated teenagers.

There are signs on my road saying no parking, and not to block the driveway. Don’t **** off a tow truck driver, she’ll legally take your vehicles.”

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The tow company sure made a lot of money that day!

Way to go!

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