January 14, 2024 at 5:35 pm

Pushy Mom Wants Son To Ask Out Sister’s Friend He’s Tutoring, But He Says It’s Not Gonna Happen

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Xaerse

Some people really love to play matchmaker, don’t they…?

Sure, the thought can be nice and all, but if someone isn’t interested in someone else and people keep pushing for it, the whole thing can be irritating.

Was this guy wrong for spitting some truth to his mom?

Check out his story and see what you think.

AITA for telling my mom that my sister’s friend and I will never get together?

“My (19m) sister’s friend (18f) has been over at our place regularly ever since kindergarten. I once asked her out a year ago but she said no.

We’re still close though. No tension or anything like that.

There’s an issue…

Here’s the problem.

I tutor her in History since she is studying the same course I did, with the same teacher and same reading materials.

My mother, who adores her and wants her as a daughter in law, insists that I try again.

I told her no, because she already rejected me once and there is no reason to ask her out again.

His mom isn’t getting the picture…

She said I should try complimenting/flirting with her when I’m tutoring her. She called it ‘the perfect opportunity.’

I rolled my eyes, told her ‘Mom, there is no situation less romantic than two teenagers discussing Lenin’s biography. You really expect me to hit on her when I’m helping her with her papers and preparing for final exam?’

Mom still kept pressing so eventually I told her it will never happen.

My dad later said that maybe I should have pretended to think about it, and that ‘false hope is better than no hope.'”

And here’s what people had to say.

This person thinks his mom needs to give it a rest.

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Another individual said he’s NTA and he was being respectful.

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This individual made an interesting point…

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Another Reddit user said his mom should be happy with his behavior.

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And this person said he’s a good guy.

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Giving Mom some straight talk!

Good for this guy for standing up for himself!

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