January 8, 2024 at 4:52 pm

Savvy Shopper Advises To Always Google Any Products You Find Online To Get The Best Deal. – ‘Reverse image search on everything that you buy.’

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

Picture this scenario…

It’s sales time, you see that outfit – you HAVE to have it, but is that price tag for real?

Well, this absolute baller of a shopper has given everyone some pretty epic advice in the days of super inflation!

What’s it all about? Listen up.

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

@hannahgiardino told her followers on TikTok: “Y’all better be googling what stuff costs and brands and reverse image search on everything that you buy. Because prices on things do not make sense anymore.”

She provided examples…

“I saw this fun little jacket at Altered State. Don’t judge me. I saw it. I liked it. I went up to it and I looked at the price.”

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

How much was the price?

“$109 for a polyester piece of ****.”

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

“And then I noticed it was some weird brand name and not just like, white labeled for Altered State. So I googled it. And I found it online. For half the cost.”

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

She revealed, “Country outfitters had it for $59.99 and they’ve got a $20 off coupon for your first purchase. And I didn’t end up buying it because I didn’t think it was worth it in the end.

And here’s the key…

“But if I hadn’t googled it and I had to spend $109 on that piece of garbage, I would’ve been really mad about that. I mean, maybe I would have never known but just Google what you’re going to buy.”

Listen up and get googling to save yourself some cash!

Watch the full clip here:


Literally reverse image search, google labels, etc on everything you buy. These boutique-style chain stores are especially bad about mark ip #greenscreen #shopping #pricetag #fastfashion

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Here folks are reacting and learning!

Ouch, I hope she walked right out!

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

True that!

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

Hahaha. THAT line.

Source: TikTok/@hannahgiardino

Make sure to save that money, fam!

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