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School Administrator Gave A Student A Harsh Suspension, But They Knew What Was In The Student Code Of Conduct And Got The Last Laugh

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@brookecagle

It’s always good to have an advocate!

Especially one who knows all the rules!

Check out this story about a “student code” and the person who knew exactly what was going on.

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The day I became my classmate’s advocate.

“The school i went had a “student’s code” which was the rules the students should follow and the consequences for failing to do so, basically a lawbook.

Things are different in Brazil…

So here in Brazil it’s not usual for you to have the educational parts of school life separated, like one place for high school, another for kindergarten and so on, usually there’s just one place that has it all.

The school that i went had a nasty high school coordinator, she overlooked all the teachers that dealt with the high school students, and she usually used the code for her advantage.

Mom…I need your help.

I was about 15 years old at the time and got so mad about about it that i looked for my mom’s copy of the code.

All parents received one at enrollment, found it and read it all. Every rule and penalty.

I asked my mom for it and she gave it to me.

From that day it never left my bag.

So through the span of a year a lot of classmates got late to school, more than 15 minutes, and the penalty for that was that if you got late to class 3 times you would receive a written warning.

3 of those got you suspended from class for a day and 3 suspensions got you kicked from school.

Because of that, at the first day of classes next year the high school coordinator went around all the classrooms to announce that everytime someone arrived late, they would receive a warning.

So if you got there late 9 times you were kicked out.

I didn’t say anything at that moment but after some months i got late to class for the third time, they took me to her office and she told me that i wouldn’t be attending class that day since it was my third time late i was being suspended for the day.

Oh, really?

Enter malicious compliance.

I open my bag, pull out my copy of the code and tell her that i wasn’t suspended because that’s not what’s written in the code and when i was enrolled at the school my parents agreed to the code’s rules not her’s.

She got really mad, said my copy was outdated and that she was going to check her’s.

I just waited and not long after the found her copy brought it over, read it silently and her anger melted away.

She became a puppy and I was told to go to class.

Some hours after she went around all the classrooms to announce that her changes to the rules were no longer in effect and that everyone that had their suspensions revoked.”

Here’s how people reacted.

This reader at least she admitted it…

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This person was impressed by what they did.

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Another individual said she probably realized that she’d messed up.

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Know your rights and know the rules.

That’s how it’s done!

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