January 6, 2024 at 1:44 pm

She Had A Rude Patient Who Demanded To Talk To The Nurse In Charge. It’s Her. – ‘Excuse me, you don’t have to like me.’ –

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@eu_needme

Folks, you’re about to get some straight talk from a nurse who just had to get on TikTok and put a difficult patient she had on blast.

Her name is Eunice and she started her video by saying, “Sometimes you’ll have patients that will not be pleased with anything.”

She said she was warned about a difficult patient but she likes to stay out of drama at work because, “I just want to get money, learn something, and leave.”

Source: TikTok/@eu_needme

The patient was rude right off the bat and Eunice asked them, “What’s up?”

The patient’s daughter was in the room as well and she was not happy with the choice of words from Eunice.

She tore into Eunice so she said to her, “The conversation is no longer productive so I’m going to leave the room now.”

Source: TikTok/@eu_needme

Eunice got another alert from the same patient and after she helped them out, the family again complained that Eunice and a fellow nurse were too “aggressive.”

The family also said they wanted a different nurse than Eunice.

Eunice said, “Excuse me, you don’t have to like me. I’m coming in here to do my job. I’m giving you meds, and I’ll get out. We don’t have to talk.”

Source: TikTok/@eu_needme

The family demanded to talk to the nurse in charge…who happened to be Eunice.


She eventually got in touch with her supervisor and told them what had transpired.

Eunice said that nursing is just another job and that she prefers to do her job and go home.

Enough said!

Source: TikTok/@eu_needme

Check out the video.


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Let’s give it up for the nurses out there.

They have really tough jobs!