January 12, 2024 at 3:37 am

Student Ripped Off Her College Friends, So One Of Them Got Revenge By Getting Her Expelled

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA

Nobody likes a thief…

And, on top of that, nobody likes a LIAR.

Unfortunately, for the person who wrote this story, they befriended someone who turned out to be both…

But they ended up getting the last laugh!

Check out what they had to say.

Ruin my college life? I’ll ruin you.

“I’m doing my bachelor’s degree abroad.

I thought that it’d be a good way to meet new people, learn how to be independent, etc. For the first month, it was all good. I made a bunch of new friends. We’ll call one of them S.

S was the kind of girl who had to be the center of attention no matter what but she seemed rather alright other than that. We were part of a large social circle of around 15~ people.

S offered them a favor.

S told me that she was going to my home country for a holiday and that if I needed anything from home, she would bring stuff back for me. I gladly obliged. I paid her half of my savings to cover any expenses she might incur for transport and off she went. My mom had arranged to send a carton of homemade food, etc for her to eat and bring back.

Instead, S ran off with my money and dumped the food. I was out of half the money I had saved and nothing to show for it. When I called S out, she declared to the rest of our friends that we’d never had an arrangement and that I was delusional.

This S character was really something else…

To take things a step further, she started hanging out with everyone I was friends with and began spreading rumours about me.

Every time I tried to switch social groups, S would follow my movements and alienate me from any friends I would have made.

In essence, by the end of my 1st year of college, I had less than 3 friends left.

These 3 were also fellow victims of S.

It was revenge time!

Something else to mention is that S wasn’t the brightest, academically. She’d plagiarized her way through exams, assignments, etc. I spent the next 3 years collecting as much evidence of this as I could. Screenshots, voice recordings, statements from the few people who were talking to me, the works.

S also comes from a rather conservative family. Unfortunately for her, she had the habit of picking up guys and spending the night with them in various hotel rooms.

I decided to document this as well.

But, wait, there’s more!

The final cherry on this multi tiered cake is that the country where I’m doing my degree in has a rule that you have to be below a certain age to get a bachelors. If you’re older than the cutoff, you cannot enroll for a new undergraduate degree in certain fields.

We’re now in our final semester of college and S is now beyond this age. I sent my collection of evidence to everyone in the administration, every professor who had ever taught S, the dean of academics and her parents.

She got what was coming to her…

S was formally expelled yesterday and her parents have disowned her. Because of her age, she can’t even get a degree in her field of interest anymore unless she leaves the country which is now impossible for her as her parents want nothing to do with her.

I waited for 3 long years and it was worth every second.”

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Are you ever gonna rip someone off ever again?

I didn’t think so!

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