January 16, 2024 at 1:25 am

Younger Sister Teases Her Older Sister With A Photo Of A Wedding Dress, Assuming She Was Single. So She Sends Back A Photo Of Her Boyfriend.

by Trisha Leigh

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Communication can be hard and confusing, and when you and another person have a history of failing at it, moving forward assuming best intentions can be hard.

Sometimes, though, it seems like people just want to stay mad.

OP and one of her sisters haven’t always gotten along.

Context- my sister is 2 years younger than me (I’m 37f) and is getting married.

She and I haven’t spoken very often for the past 4 years and certainly don’t have deep conversations.

She also doesn’t usually share about relationships, but recently she has.

Due to my family continually gossiping or being judgemental I told them 15 years ago after my first boyfriend any I broke up that they wouldn’t be told if I was dating someone until it was serious.

To be fair, while I tried online dating for years and have my share of bad first date stories, it’s never gone beyond that until this year.

I have been dating someone for over six months. Knowing that my sister was talking about getting engaged and was planning a very short (3 month) engagement, I decided to tell my family that I was in a serious relationship.

I also wanted them to meet my bf over Christmas. I didn’t want to just show up with a date to family events without letting the hosts (one of my older sisters and her family) know.

I called my older sister in the morning and she was completely okay with meeting my bf.

I was excited to share about him.

Her younger sister is getting married and texted her a picture not one dress, but two.

That afternoon, my younger sister texted me that she could have gotten a free size 4 wedding dress from Facebook marketplace (in the city I live in) and I asked if she wanted me to pick it up for her.

She said no, it wasn’t really her style but it would have been fun to try on. Plus, she was waiting for the dress she’d ordered online to arrive.

She then sent me a Screenshot of a size 12 wedding dress for $80 with the caption “Here’s one for you. Lol. I’ve tried clicking Facebook to show me less but I haven’t been successful yet.”

I assumed that she’d found out from our other sister I was dating so I sent back a pic of myself and my bf.

While she had been immediately responding she now took 4 minutes to respond with, “Who’s that?”

I told her “my boyfriend”.

She said, “He looks happy”.

OP took it as an insult even though her sister said didn’t mean it that way.

I got on the phone with her and asked if she knew I was dating. She said no, she was surprised to hear it.

When I said she was rude to send a wedding dress to someone she thought was single and had been for 15 years she told me that I was the one with the problem and she had sent it to me because it was obviously too big for her and something I could actually afford.

They got into a(nother) big thing.

I told her congratulations on her upcoming marriage and that obviously we still have difficulty communicating with each other.

We both have talked to our sisters and mom about this situation and while I know it’s silly, it bothers me that I was told I was the one being rude when I called her rude for sending it.


Did she overreact? OP wants Reddit to tell her!

The top comment says it sounds like OP was looking for a fight.

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But this reply says that person is being obtuse.

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Plenty of people were willing to argue on OP’s behalf, though.

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Most people seem to sense there’s more going on here than this one story.

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This person (politely) says OP needs to work on herself first.

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I think this is an interesting one.

There is no right answer, but it does seem these sisters have a long way to go.

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