February 24, 2024 at 7:23 pm

Neighbors Get Angry With Uncle When He Plays A Noisy Game With His Niece And Nephew On A Hot Summer’s Day

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@asshka

I’m not sure why anyone would be upset about someone playing with kids in their own backyard, but here we are, folks…

And the person who wrote this story on Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page seems to be having a dilemma about having a good time with their niece and nephew in the great outdoors.

Are they doing anything wrong?

Let’s see what’s going on here…

AITA for playing in my backyard with my niece and nephew?

“It’s hot in the UK, and I have booked a few days of Annual Leave to enjoy it.

I decided to host a BBQ on an afternoon for the kids in our family.

It seemed like a fun day in the great outdoors.

My niece and nephew (both aged 7) came over at around 2pm, and had been happily playing on the trampoline for the past couple hours.

I’ve been playing a game with them where I hide in an upstairs room, and spray them with a water gun whilst they are on the trampoline.

They love this and screamed every time I did it.

Then the neighbor decided to chime in.

After around 2 hours of the game, one of our neighbours shouted out of the window to ‘shut the kids up’ as she was trying to work, and all she could hear was the kids screaming, even through her closed window.

I responded that it’s the middle of the day, and we are in my backyard on my property, and continued playing with my niece and nephew.

AITA for continuing to play this game even though I know it’s disrupting my neighbour?”

Here’s what folks had to say on Reddit.

One reader thinks everyone in this story SUCKS.

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Another individual said they’re simply NTA.

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This reader said they don’t expect kids to be quiet…

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Another person talked about their own situation.

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Sounds like these neighbors need an attitude adjustment!

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