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Aunt Is Supposed To Babysit Her Niece, But Forgets And Makes Other Plans. So She Calls Her Sister To Pick Her Up And Drama Ensues.

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Nezukochaaaann

If you’re from a family with multiple kids in it, it’s usually assumed that you’ll help out with all kinds of things around the house…

And that includes babysitting if your siblings have kids.

The teenager who wrote this story asked the fine folks on Reddit if they think she was out of line for how she handled a babysitting assignment from her sister.

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AITA for telling my sister to come pick up her daughter when I was supposed to babysit her?

“My name is Lily 14yo female, my sister 33yo females, my friend 15yo female and my niece 8yo female. (Also I am one of those people that forgets everything in one second)

One night my sister called me and asked me if I could babysit my niece next week because she had to do something and my niece didn’t wanted to go with her because it was boring.

As a good sister I accept but I was a bit tired so I say goodbye to my sister, brush my teeths and sleep.

(My sister asked me to babysit her on Thursday and the call was on Sunday)

She made a mistake…

The next day was a normal day and I totally forgot about my sister and my niece. I go to my grandma’s house to help her ect just a normal day

Then the next day my friend calls me and ask me “Hey girl wanna hang out at my house on Thursday?” I totally forgot about my sister so I say “yes” thinking I had nothing to do that day

On Thursday my friend come over to my house spend the day and at night we will sleep at her house.

During the day my sister drops my niece and I remember I have to babysit her. It’s not a problem because my friend and my niece know each other so we just watch movies. My grandma is with us in the house because I live with her.

It was time to make the call…

Then comes the night and I take my phone to call my sister to ask her if she could pick up her kid because I had to go.

I say very calmly with a soft voice “Hey sissy I’m sorry I totally forgot I had to babysit her but I have to go right now and I really can’t stay can you pick her up? Or I can leave her with grandma they’re gonna draw and watch movies waiting for you to come.”

And it didn’t go over well…

My sister starts yelling at me insulting me and calling me names like “You freaking *****! I told you to babysit her for a reason! You’re so stupid! You can’t do anything in life you’re useless!!!”

I start to cry because I’m very sensitive and my grandma takes the phone saying that there’s no need to panic and that she can keep my niece while I’m gone because it will be the last time I see my friend before she goes in vacation in another country.

It got ugly.

My sister doesn’t listen and yells again, so I take my friend and go in her mom’s car that was waiting for us in front of my house.

We had fun me and my friend that night and the next day my mom is a bit mad.


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That was some serious family drama.

Good grief!

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