February 1, 2024 at 3:51 am

Corrupt Cop Tried to Shake Down A Driver For A Bribe, But They Were Outsmarted And Left Empty-Handed

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@Coach-GE

I’ve never driven in a foreign country before, but I’ve heard some horror stories from friends who have had to deal with cops in Mexico and Central America.


But maybe you’ll keep this story in mind next time you get pulled over by a cop who tries to pull a fast one on you.

Check out what happened!

Sure, give me the traffic violation ticket.

“This happened in the Philippines.

Three years ago, I was driving to get some lunch for me and my co-workers. I stopped at an intersection with a traffic light (I was to turn left) and made sure to stop before the yellow intersection box. There were no painted markings on the road apart from the intersection box. (this is important).

Then it happened…

Whilst waiting for the light to turn green, a traffic enforcer suddenly knocked on my window and told me that I have stopped my car beyond the white stop line for cars.

Basically, the enforcer said that I was impeding the pedestrian crosswalk.

My co-worker (seated in the passenger seat) and I checked through the car windows and we cannot see any painted lines on the road apart from the intersection box.

The enforcer “guided” me to turn left and made me stop at the side of the road.

(It was lunchtime, and it’s common for some traffic enforcers here to ask for bribes for people to “get out of violations”.)

The following conversation then went as follows:

Enforcer: You know why I stopped you?

OP: No, please enlighten me.

Enforcer: You stopped within the pedestrian lane.

OP: Even though there were no clear markings on the road?

Enforcer: They’re there, clear as day. Very very faded, but still there.

OP: (Getting the hint that the enforcer is asking for bribes) Okay…

Enforcer: Do you want me to give you a ticket?

OP: Yes, please! You are an enforcer of the law. If you tell me that I made a violation, then I completely trust your authority. I apologize for the driving error I made. So please write your ticket, give it to me, then I’ll immediately settle my fines. Thank you also for letting me know that I committed a mistake and I will make sure to not do it again!

He was in for a surprise…

Enforcer suddenly had a Pikachu face, realizing that he won’t be getting a bribe from me.

After 10 seconds of stunned silence, he just said “Get the hell out of here.”

I drove off with my lunch intact, money intact, and two bouts of howling laughter courtesy of myself and my co-worker.”

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Sounds like a real pain in the neck to deal with cops like that.

Glad this one learned a lesson!

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