February 19, 2024 at 9:45 pm

Customer Made An Inappropriate Joke, So Waitress Gave Him The Dirty Drink He Asked For

by Trisha Leigh

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If there’s one thing every woman in the world knows, it’s that when a guy says “it was a joke,” it was almost certainly not funny.

And the best way to call them out is to maliciously comply, one way or another.

OP was a bartender, and therefore adept at handling inappropriate males.

Back in the day I worked for a restaurant chain that we all know and love… let’s call in “Win Beaks.”

So, I’m working the day shift behind the bar of said restaurant, when a guest I don’t recognize sits at the far North end of my bar.

This one asked her for a “dirty” Miller Lite.

Since he’s not a regular (65/35% chance of being a regular) I greeted him with our usual key phrase that management has burned into our brains.

Smile. Eye contact. “Welcome! Would you like one of our house beers, the Dirty Blonde (white-blonde ale) or a Knotty Brunette (nut brown ale)?”

Unfamiliar guest smiles and wags his fingers flirtatiously. “No, but I would LOVE a Dirty Miller Lite.”

She complied.

Cue: Malicious Compliance.

“Coming right up!”

I’m here in Texas, and I’ve found a lot of drink recipes differ from city-to-city, and so much more state-to-state… but we all know that Dirty = Olive Juice.

I grabbed his frozen mug, popped a healthy dose of olive juice from my pour-n-store, poured his precious Miller, & dropped the drink off.

I then took my sweet time walking up the bar, starting his tab, checking the opposite side of the bar (horseshoe shape, seating 16 on each side), and finally returning to him as he’s desperately flagging me down.

And gave him her best innocent act when he said it was a joke.

“Im sorry, honey, but this beer tastes SALTY.”

Smile. Eye contact. “That’s because you asked for a DIRTY Miller Lite… dirty means olive juice. I thought it was weird, but I’ve heard weirder (not a lie- people ask for the strangest things, myself included).”

“I was just making a joke,” he sputtered.

“Me, too!” I said brightly.

I brought him a new Miller and went about business as usual.

Reddit must be taking notes!

This person says the beer left something to be desired.

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And good riddance.

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I’ve never heard this interpretation.

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Apparently a lot of people were confused by this story.

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This person was giving OP a break, though.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This really devolved in the comment section.

I don’t think she was mad, just teaching him a lesson.

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