February 20, 2024 at 1:48 pm

Customer Said She Was Catfished By A Restaurant Who Posed As A Blind Date To Get Her To Eat There

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@paretay

I’ve never heard of something like this happening before, but I guess there’s a first time for everything!

A woman named Taylor posted a video on TikTok and took viewers on an incredibly strange journey that ended up with her being stood up for a dinner date.

But there’s more to the story than that…

In her video, Taylor said, “I was just stood up on a date and it was the most humiliating experience ever. Story time met this guy on a dating app and he immediately asked me out on a date to a specific restaurant. He confirmed day of, I get to the restaurant and see that he’s nowhere to be found. So I reach out, no response. I check the app, and noticed that he unmatched me.”

She continued, “At that point, I was a little confused and I was kind of ****** because I was already dressed and I got all the way there and because I had put in so much effort I thought I might as well just have a meal while I am in the building.”

Taylor thinks she was catfished by the restaurant she went to in order to get her to spend money because she was already there.

Source: TikTok/@paretay

She explained, “It wasn’t until I got home and I was scrolling Facebook and I saw a very similar story from a girl at that same restaurant who also got stood up and she found out that there are restaurants now posing as people on dating apps just so you go to their business and you once you get stood up they know that probably nine times out of ten that you’re gonna buy something from them.”

Source: TikTok/@paretay

Taylor said she thought this business tactic was totally inappropriate and added, “You are not no girl boss town you are just ruining a girl’s mental self-esteem.”

Taylor showed viewers what she claimed is a fake Tinder profile and said that the guy in question stood her up more than once before totally ghosting her.

Source: TikTok/@paretay

Here’s the video.


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Check out how folks reacted.

One person made a funny comment…

Source: TikTok/@paretay

Another person spoke to a bunch of commenters who wanted to know the name of this restaurant.

Source: TikTok/@paretay

And this person isn’t buying it…

Source: TikTok/@paretay

That’s pretty wild!

Keep your eyes peeled out there!

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