February 24, 2024 at 8:35 pm

Dad Decided To Use Their Kids’ College Money For Their Own Retirement, And Now His Children Are Furious

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@towfiqu999999

Things can get pretty dicey among family members when it comes to money.

And if things seem to be going just fine and dandy with your children, is it wrong to use YOUR OWN MONEY for your retirement?

That’s the dilemma this person is facing.

Check out what they had to say.

AITA for using my kids college accounts for my retirement.

“I’m confused if I am being a jerk, so my friend pointed me here.

I have a college account for each kid, they all have like around 50k at the moment.

Now my oldest went to trade school and we used his account to pay for that, it was relatively cheap.

My daughter went to a small cheap community college before she dropped out.

She’s now married and a stay at home mom.

The kids are doing just fine.

So both of the accounts still have a ton of money in them and the two kids are well established at this point.

The oldest makes 6 figures at this point and my daughter married well off and if they did divorce she would get a lot.

So I empty the accounts to use for my retirement.

That didn’t go over very well…

I mentioned it at dinner and they were mad, saying they still deserve the money even though it was for college only and they never put a cent in.

They both called me a jerk.

They asked why I could retire early, I told them the reason.

I wasn’t going to hide it, they knew money was in the account it would have came up eventually, if not for them but asking if they could use the extra for their kids.”

Now let’s see how Reddit users reacted to this story.

This person said they’re NTA and explained why.

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Another individual just doesn’t get it…

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This reader said their kids are adults and should understand all of this.

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One Reddit user said they shouldn’t have even discussed this…

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And this reader said they used the wrong language.

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These folks were pretty fired up about this one!

But hey… I tend to side with the parent on this one.

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