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Difficult Customer Wanted A Lot Of Extra Toppings On Their Burger, So A Fast Food Employee Piled It On In A Ridiculous Way

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@apollofotografie

Whatever you say…

Have you ever worked in a customer service job and said those lines to a customer who happened to be a real pain in the ***?

It’s the best!

And the person who is the hero of this story totally handled this situation the right way.

Read on to get all the details!

You want extra pickles? Okay then.

“A good friend in high school (18 years ago) worked at Burger King in a town with notoriously needy clients.

I said EXTRA.

Anyway, order comes in for extra pickles on the burger.

He adds an extra few. Whatever the normal extra amount is.

Lo and behold, the Karen comes back and yells at the cashier about how she asked for extra blah blah blah.

7 or so pickles slices wasn’t enough.

Que malicious compliance.

Ask and you shall receive.

He remade the sandwich and used a HUGE handful of pickles. We’re talking 9:1 ratio of pickles to bun/pattie.

She came back and complained again but was basically told to **** off.

Be nice to your fast food employees, y’all.”

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Pile ’em up as high as they’ll go!

That was hilarious!

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