February 24, 2024 at 5:29 pm

Employee Gives Folks Advice On The Best Way To “Request” A Day Off Of Work. – ‘I’m telling you I’m not going to be there.’

by Laura Lynott


If you’re an employee, it’s guaranteed you at some time or another get nervous about asking for a day off, or you’ve been refused!

Well, what if we all just started looking at requested time off as something we are, as taxpayers, entitled to, instead of sweating it?

This TikToker has this hot take and he reckons that is exactly what we should be doing – taking charge of our days off!


@rawcritix told his followers on TikTok: “I need every single job to realize that if I request off a day, OK, I’m not asking to have that day off, I’m telling you I’m not gonna be there. They might as well just change the name from ‘request off’ to ‘Hey, what day do you want off?’.

This sounds like silent quitting but it’s more like silent day offing! Ha.


He added: “My favorite part too is when certain jobs will have like little fine print underneath the request off sheet or wherever it is you go to request off days and it always says something like ‘Remember guys, this is just a request to have off. Okay, we can’t always honor your guys requests off, so just make sure that’s known.'”

This very thought seemed to trigger this guy.

He got visibly angry and said: “They can pull whatever type of little fine print they want. Okay, if I decide on a certain day, I’m not coming in because maybe there’s a concert I’m going to, or some family event, or maybe I just don’t want to go into work that day. It’s not going to happen. Okay, that’s just how it works.”


It’s gotta be said there’s something a little cool about understated rebellion. And he let people into his routine. If any employer says nada to a day off, then it’s time to pull out the sick day card. It’s never over until it’s over!

Kinda loving the silent rebellion of taking that day off!

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Like bro straight up I’m not coming in…

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100 percent!


That is so wrong!




I wholeheartedly agree with this.

Don’t ask… tell!

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