February 1, 2024 at 1:49 am

Entitled Student Gets What She Deserves From Teacher Who’s Had Enough Of Her Last-Minute Cancellations

by Chris Allen

Source: Reddit/AITA

Teaching millennials and Gen Z has got to be worthy of a Nobel Prize.

The increasing amount of entitlement witnessed online these days is becoming hard to even watch.

One teacher, was at their wits end with one student in particular, making day-to-day teaching life seem not worth it.

This story though, ends the way you’d hope.

Student would run about saying “it’s not fair”

I teach private music lessons at a university. They’re 1-1 type of classes. I was hired late into the the semester and walked into a messy department.

I have a student who I teach private lessons. Last semester she complained about my scheduling approach and then would cancel herself because she needed go to work instead.

OP explains how they’re able to change up the grading curve, so that a fair grade was indeed achieved.

Because private music lessons are totally subjective, I modified the rubric in such a way that she could get an A-minus. She then texts me asking why she didn’t get an A because it was messing up her GPA.

So now we are in this current semester.

She sends me a text one day when I’m already on the road telling me she wasn’t coming to class that day.

My boss tells me she told him point-blank she wasn’t coming to class and could have notified me before I started driving. (Someone famous was on campus, and she wanted to see them)

Well. Stop everything for a celebrity, obviously.

OP obviously had to put their foot down, and took steps to course correct this frustrating student.

So I told her it was an unexcused absence. When I told her the absence was unexcused now she starts sending me messages she was sick.

I then realized I’m driving an hour down there one day to do research for my degree at a different school and then another day just to teach her.

But my syllabus now says that lessons are by appointment and that they can change as needed.

I change the day I teach to the day I’m already down there for research. She complains about that too. “It’s not fair” because she has so many classes that day. Apparently my time and $14 in tolls I pay to teach only her is completely fair.

They explain how they never wanted to be that prickly teacher to younger students; to be better than the teachers they had.

But enough’s enough.

I’m sick of this at this point.

I have tried to accommodate her because I wanted to treat my students better than some of the jerks I had when I was in school treated me. I say I am only coming to campus one day a week, and it is Tuesday.

I’m told by my boss she’s really stressed out because she has three other classes that day.

But I honestly just don’t care. And I updated my syllabus so all the stuff she pulled last semester she can’t do this semester and complain about her grade.

She wanted structure and now she has it.

Poetic. Justice. With a note of classical dramatic tragedy for the student.

Let’s see what folks had to say.

One commenter was completely on board with OP’s decisions.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

Another person vicariously loved seeing this student find out the hard way.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

And ‘diddums’ is now a word I am using in my daily life.

Source: Reddit/MaliciousCompliance

This teacher is handing out lessons left and right!

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