February 9, 2024 at 12:56 am

Evolutionary Biologist Creates The “Perfect Human Body” And It Is A Wild Sight To Behold

by Trisha Leigh

For decades, magazine writers and others with absolutely no medical training have tried to convince us they know what the “perfect” human body looks like.

Recently, AI has even taken a stab at what it considers “perfect,” given the data it is fed.

Now, someone with an actual education is weighing in, and their answer might surprise you.

Of course, humans have evolved over time, and look nothing like what we started as tens of thousands of years ago. We can walk on two legs, our brains are larger than primates, and a whole host of other adaptations have improved our lot.

Some, though, haven’t been too helpful – like smaller pelvises, for example, which cause very painful childbirth.

Source: Vecteezy

Walking on two legs probably also led to the bain pain that is so common, as our S-shaped spines aren’t the best option for supporting our own weight.

We also have throats prone to choking, and both hearing and eyesight that likely will not last us a lifetime.

Evolutionary biologist Alice Roberts is asking the question “what if would could pick and choose” how we would have evolved? What would we look like?

The result isn’t the prettiest, but listen. Dr. Roberts says there are more important things.

“Inspired by dogs, cats, cephalopods, fish, swans, and chimps, my model has a better heart with more arteries than a human being, lungs that are more efficient, eyes with no blind spots, ears that pick up sound better, legs that are more efficient, and reptilian skin which reacts fast to block damaging ultraviolet rays.”

She says the result is the “ultimate human being, as far as evolution and genetics.

She and a team from London’s Science Museum worked together to create a 3D model, producing a super being.

“I traded agility for speed when I altered my legs and replaced my feet – and that means my chances of climbing a mountain are zero. But I think it’s worth it – even though I screamed when I saw the final 3D model of my creation.”

I mean, that reaction is understandable.

Maybe AI isn’t so off after all.

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