February 21, 2024 at 12:57 am

Flight Attendant’s Super Creepy Interaction With Hotel’s Housekeeper Makes The Internet Cringe – ‘I’d have been so grossed out.’

by Chris Allen

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

Guys can be really creepy.

And it can get to a point where a seemingly-innocent situation can all of a sudden feel dangerous to an unsuspecting woman.

Especially if she’s alone in her room, after showering, and it’s an interaction with a man she just saw earlier.

So there’s that slight, but present motive for something creepy to take place.

One flight attendant on TikTok named Destanie recalled a pretty scary interaction just like that.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

She starts off explaining a bit of the behind-the-scenes standard operating procedure for flight crew when they stay at a hotel on layover.

“Hotels have a list of the flight crews’ rooms and when they need to check out. We don’t check out at normal times.”

And then she has what seemed to be a nice, quick, mundane  interaction with a housekeeper.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

Then that same housekeeper, as she’s getting ready to leave for the airport, knocks on the door with a real weak excuse to get her to open up.

“Hey I was just wondering what time you were checking out”, the guy asks…

My guy. You know what time every room is checking out.

The interaction continues with another awkward stab at a compliment, til she felt she had to just shut the door in his face.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

Luckily a fellow crew member had heard the whole thing from the room next door and was ready to step in!

Check out her breakdown here:


So many men literally don’t have the social awareness to realize they make girls super uncomfy 😭 Like just that I’m nice doesn’t mean I want you???? #flightattendant

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Let’s see what folks had to say.

One commenter noted how those DND signs get frustratingly ignored.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

While another TikToker chatted with OP about how creepy the whole thing felt.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

One person remarked at how UN-smooth the interaction went.

Source: TikTok/@destanieaaa

Do not disturb.


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