February 6, 2024 at 9:48 pm

Friend Invites His Girlfriend On “Boys Trip” And Now She’s Demanded To Get The King Bed At The Airbnb

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@artbykk

So you thought you’d just saunter in here and take the nicest room and the nicest bed, huh?

Think again!

That’s what I imagine the person who wrote this story was thinking in their head as this drama unfolded.

Did they act like a jerk?

Let’s see exactly what the heck is going on here…

AITA for telling my friend she’s not entitled to a king bed at our air BnB?

“Me and my three friends have booked a boys trip down the beach because a few of our other friends will be down there.

Oh boy, here we go…

Well one of our friends invited his girlfriend (let’s call her J) without telling any of us till 3 days before the trip.

She hangs with us a lot and we’re all sweet with her coming however the issue is we booked a house with 3 beds, a king and two singles.

Me and J are quite close, J is texting me at the moment saying her and her partner will take the king and they’ll bring a blow mattress for the person who doesn’t get a single.

Let’s make this fair…

This is where my question comes in, I told her that we would all put our names in a hat and whoever gets picked first gets first pick off beds and so on and till last person takes the blow up .

She has gotten very angry at me saying because she’s a women and as a couple she deserves the king bed with her partner.

I understand this point, but she wasn’t originally invited to this trip and no one wants to sleep on a blow up mattress.

So AITA for telling her she can’t claim the king bed?”

Here’s how Reddit users responded.

This person said he’s NTA…

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@artbykk

Another person was surprised this guy was so nice about it.

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One Reddit user said this is all the friend’s fault.

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Another individual nailed it.

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And this Reddit user said he’ll never see this money…

Source: Reddit,Unsplash/@artbykk

Can you say ENTITLED?

That sums this story up perfectly!

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