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Guest Helped Himself To Some Food At A Party He Wasn’t Invited To. Now His Friend Who Hosted Is Upset With Him.

by Matthew Gilligan

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Well, this is a weird one…

Is it wrong to eat at a dinner…that you weren’t invited to?

That’s the question at the heart of this story from Reddit’s “Am I the *******?” page.

Let’s see what the heck is going on here…

AITA for eating at a dinner which I wasn’t invited to?

“My best friend J organizes a NYE party at his mom’s house and my girlfriend K and I are invited. He tells us to come at 10PM. They host a family dinner before and some friends of J’s sister, M, are invited.

We went there with K and my friend P, and brought a bottle of vodka. At 9:45PM, J tells us to arrive later, because dinner is still going. But we’re almost there after one hour of public transport, so we still arrive at 10PM.

The dessert isn’t served, main dishes leftovers are on the table, people are not eating anymore. We greet everyone and J brings some chairs for us to sit at the table.

P goes to the garden for a smoke, K and I sit next to M’s friends.

They serve us some wine and we talk for a bit.

Might as well have a bite…

One of them asks if we want some of the leftover duck in front of us, I decline saying we already ate beforehand.

They ask us again 4 times and I end up accepting. I tell K to try some as I know J’s mom’s Peking duck is very tasty. We each eat around 4 slices. Meanwhile, 2 of my friends arrive and smoke outside waiting for dinner to end.

Then, J’s mom sits to have a toast with M’s friend and I ask for a glass. I didn’t know but it is a premium wine a friend of M brought as a gift. I brought a bottle too, I thought it was fine.

Around 11PM some family members leave. There’re only M’s friends, our friends, two cousins and us. Our friends are sitting on the other side of the table.

One cousin is a pastry chef, he brought a handmade king cake. They cut the cake and some get a slice, including P. Two of our friends decline.

Karaoke starts, we sing for a bit. There’re still 3 slices of king cake left, I want to ask for one. I tell K, she says “I got it, follow me”. However, once next to the plate she notices she’s in front of the TV displaying the karaoke.

Then they got the news…

So she proceeds to directly take the plate in front of M, brushes her without noticing, and brings it next to my friends.

We sit down to eat a slice each.

Just after we finish eating, M comes and says “It was for family only”. We both are feeling so ashamed. When I saw K take the plate I found it a bit strange but nothing alarming.

When I finally get to talk to J, I apologize for the king cake, he tells me smiling that K and I are stupid and we move on.

The party keeps going and ends without trouble.

This got ugly.

2 weeks later, I get to see J (w/o K) for the first time since NYE.

He tells me he never felt so ashamed to invite friends, his family saw us eating duck but his mom didn’t invite us to eat it.

She was a bit angry that I asked to toast with her and M’s friends and the king cake was the cherry on top, we didn’t ask and stole it.

He says his family will laugh at him for years because of this.


He says he never wants to see K again and he’s really disappointed in me.

I apologized for the king cake but not for the duck nor the toast as I feel like neither K nor I made a mistake here.

K wants to write an apology letter along with a gift for this incident but is waiting for my approval.”

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This is such a petty thing to be angry about.

Don’t leave food out if you don’t want it eaten!

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