February 23, 2024 at 2:33 am

Guy Found a Phone That Fell 16,000 From A Plane And It Was Working Just Fine. – ‘It was in airplane mode with a travel confirmation and baggage claim.’

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: TikTok/@seansafyre

What’s gonna fall out of the sky next…?

You probably heard about the recent Alaska Airlines flight where the door blew off mid-flight and ended up in some random guy’s backyard in Oregon, right?

Well, now we have more (literal) fallout from that infamous flight.

A man named Sean posted a video on TikTok and told viewers that he found a cell phone that fell from Alaska Airlines flight 1282 and that the phone was in perfect condition.

Sean said he was able to get into the phone and he noticed a confirmation from flight 1282 so he knew it had fallen from the sky.

Source: TikTok/@seansafyre

Sean explained, “Went to go for a walk today and found a phone belonging to an Alaska Airlines passenger sitting on the ground. Wanted an excuse to go on a walk this afternoon and they, NTSB had asked people to go and report anything that looks like it had been fallen out of the recent Alaska Airlines accident.”

He continued, “Thankfully no one was injured [or] got sucked out, but they did lose some belongings, they were still looking for the door and I found a phone sitting on the side of the road that had apparently fallen 16,000 feet.”

Source: TikTok/@seansafyre

Sean added,  “It was still pretty clean, no scratches on it, sitting under a bush. And it didn’t have a screen lock on it, so I open it up. And it was in airplane mode with a travel confirmation and baggage claim for Alaska 1282, so I had to go call the NTSB.”

That is really something!

Source: TikTok/@seansafyre

Check out the video.


quick story of how I found a phone that dropped 16,000 feet 😅 definitely belonged to a passenger on #alaskaairlines #asa1282 pics are on X

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That’s a wild story!

Keep your eyes peeled to the sky!

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