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Gym Teacher Made A Sick Student Do The Mile Run, So They Took Their Sweet Time And Made Everyone Wait For Them To Finish

by Matthew Gilligan

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This brings back some memories…

When I was in fifth grade, I decided to walk the mile instead of running it during gym class just to be difficult…

And I got into a lot of trouble…

But this person pulled it off perfectly!

Check out their story, we think you’ll get a kick out of it.

Make me run the mile? Fine, I’ll walk.

“Flashback to when I was a teenager in high school, more than half my life ago at this point.

Back in freshman year I had PE, big shock I know, and every one on a whole we would go to the track to run a mile. I was normally reasonably fast being young and relatively athletic, finishing before the majority of the class but never at the head of the pack.

They weren’t feeling well…

Well, on this particular day, I was sick. So sick that I honestly shouldn’t have gone to school but my dad (to no one’s surprise) didn’t believe me and made me go anyway. It was some pulmonary thing like bronchitis I think. It also happened to be the day we were to run the mile.

I had informed the coach that I was ill and asked to sit out. He, like my dad, wasn’t having it. He basically said if I’m well enough to be at school I’m well enough to go the mile.

They were about to show them.

Fine, I’ll go, but I can barely breateh so there’s no way I’m running. So I just walk. Not slowly, but at a normal pace, probably about the same pace as just of the slackers from class.

As you might have guessed I’m at the end of the pack. I’m getting lapped by everyone. Now if you’ve ever run a mile on the track then you know you have to do a few laps to get the full mile, I think it’s 4 laps but it’s been like 20 years so forgive me if I don’t remember. So everyone else has already finished as I walk up to the line and there all expecting me to be done too.

But you see, the thing is, this was only my third lap. So when the coach gives me a look all I say is “I still have one more lap to go!” and continue on my merry way.

Might as well take your time!

So because the coach couldn’t see how OBVIOUSLY sick I was, I made him and the entire rest of the class wait sitting in the hot desert sun while I gingerly waltzed my way down the track, the only one left out there.

Maybe next time when someone was sick he believed them, but I honestly doubt it. He wasn’t the type to take a lesson learned to heart.”

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That was a job well done!

You love to see it!

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