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Her Stepsister Always Picked Her Least Favorite Food, So She Lied About Her Favorite Pizza

by Trisha Leigh

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Blending families is something people talk about on Reddit a lot, and for good reason – it’s really hard, and takes lots of time and energy to do it right.

So many people think issues will take care of themselves in time, but they rarely do.

OP has a younger stepsister who is out to get her as far as food.

My(16f) stepsister Maya (12f) takes great pleasure in making things difficult for me. She’s not very good at getting away it as our parents always catch her but they are very lax with their punishment so she never learns her lesson.

One thing she likes to do is get our parents to cook food she knows I don’t like. For example I hate eggs so for breakfast she’ll always ask for egg dishes and I end up having to make something separate for myself.

So, OP concocted a plan.

For dinner yesterday we were having pizza. Maya comes up to me and not too subtly ask what is my least favorite pizza. I knew where was going so I lie and say supreme pizza, she says ok and runs off.

And to no one’s surprise when the pizza gets here it’s supreme pizza.

Maya looks at me and gives me a creepy smile. I simply grab two slices and start eating. Here’s how our exchange goes:

Maya: I thought you hated supreme pizza.

Me: nope it’s my favorite

Maya: but I asked you what your least favorite was and you said supreme

Me: I thought you asked what my favorite was

After this our parents scolded her for purposely trying to get something I didn’t like.

Her dad didn’t appreciate it, though.

Later in the night my dad came up and asked if I purposely told my sister the wrong pizza. I asked if it mattered and he said yes because I would be in the wrong for setting her up.

So I asked him if he would have preferred me not being able to eat dinner. He said no but I should have just come to him instead of concocting this whole plan.

I feel like I did nothing wrong , she was going to get in trouble anyway but this way I wasn’t screwed out of dinner. AITA?

Did she do anything wrong? Let’s hear wha Reddit has to say on the matter!

The top comment hopes the dad will take the opportunity to learn something.

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This person is not giving up hope.

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But this person is less sure that the dad is willing to learn and change.

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They think it’s strange that the younger sister always gets to pick.

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This person has some suggestions for handling it in the future.

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I hate that they’re in this situation.

The parents need to do some more parenting.

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