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Her Teacher Got Involved In Her Social Life, So She And Her Dad Made Him Pay

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA/Pexels

In the world where I live, teachers like to stay out of their students’ social lives as much as humanly possible. I mean, we want them to intervene if like, danger is afoot, but otherwise?

You leave that school drama back in your own school days.

OP was the only girl in her class, and so was friends with boys.

I was 16F at that time. My class teacher is 28M

I had 3 boys in my friend group. I am the only girl. So I had every information about what are they going to do what will they do in the future and what are they currently doing.

I was the first one our teacher questions after any bratty thing they do.So my friends confronted him and told him not to question me every time after they’ve done anything. Because I don’t know anything about what they do.

I was always standing alone with all the boys and our male class teacher when some thing happened. And my friends told him that it’s not okay for a girl to stand alone with bunch of boys in class room.It was awkward fr.

Because there were like 15 males and I am the only female there

Her teacher refused to believe they were only friends.

Our class teacher hated me but he couldn’t do anything because I had the best marks in our class. I will always be the first even tho I did some crazy things 😅

So he thought it would be a good idea to make a rumor about me. He wrongly accused me for having a relationship with one of my friend.

Remember relationships are not allowed in schools in my country. That boy had a little keychain that I gifted him on his birthday. He told principal about that as his proof. And also told him that I always hangout with him.

We both were summoned to the office. My friend told principal that he doesn’t even see me as a girl. Same for me.I don’t evem see his as a man.

The principal – and then the parents – got involved and the teacher moved on.

And also I told the principal that he is not the only one that has that keychain my other two friends have the same keychain in different colours too. I also had 3 gifts from each one of them too.

He decided to summon other two friends to the office too. It was soo  embarrassing. Some even assumed that I am in a relationship with all of them.

We told our class teacher to stop doing that. We thought it was over but he decided to inform this to our house. Jokes on him my dad is friends with my friend’s dad.

I told him everything. The way he questions me every time when the boys do something and the way he complained to principal. Every thing.

This was not his first time doing something like that. Well my dad didn’t take it in good. He was furious. He was complaining to school about this.

After sometime our class teacher had to change schools. He made sure that our teacher will transfer somewhere else.I didn’t even tell him to stop. He was kind enough to not to ruin his job.

Many students were glad about that. Because I am not the only victim. He even accused some friends for having homosexual relationship too. Even tho they were not. He never saw any friendship normal.

I am still friends with that three boys. 2 of them are married now. One is in a serious relationship.

Does Reddit think they were too kind to the guy? Let’s find out!

It seems like the principal might have already been aware of an issue.

Source: Reddit/AITA

It’s concerning that others had similar tales.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Don’t let them embarrass you into silence.

Source: Reddit/AITA

I am glad this girl stood up for herself.

That guy definitely doesn’t need to be a teacher.

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