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Her Younger Sister Acts Horribly And Is Now Lonely And Isolated, But She Told Her Parents That It’s Not Her Job To Spend Time With Her

by Matthew Gilligan

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You can’t take care of everyone…

And if you’re a teenager, it’s really not fair to have a lot of responsibility heaped upon you when it comes to your siblings.

Hey, being a teenager is hard enough as it is!

So is this young woman wrong for what she said to her parents about her sister?

Get all the details below and see what you think.

AITA for telling my parents it’s their job to help my sister, not mine?

“My sister (14f) and I (16f) are not close. She has really bad social skills.

She does not have any diagnosis like ADHD or autism.

They are very different.

But she has never been good with social stuff.

She’s very intelligent and is a very good problem solver and she lacks the understanding that easy for her is not easy for everyone.

She also lacks the social skills to know/realize that complaining about other people’s interest, their lack of skills, etc, is not how you make friends or get people to like you.

This has been an issue with her since we were in elementary school and maybe even preschool. She’d win at almost every board game and would ask really bluntly why someone was bad, normally me. She’d tell me how easy it was and I should be winning because I’m older.

Our parents always bought board games like that which suited her way more. I really didn’t like playing against her because her attitude after winning wasn’t fun or easy to be around and she was like that with others too.

One time our aunt played with us, and she’s a teacher, and my sister basically asked how she could be a teacher when she couldn’t win a game against a 6 year old.

She doesn’t enjoy spending time with her.

I never liked having to spend time with my sister and I didn’t like playing anything with her even more. She always wanted to spend more time with me but I avoided that as much as I possibly could.

Eventually she started to sit in on me playing video games and she would try to backseat game or would criticize me for taking so long to finish a puzzle or she would literally take the controller out of my hand and do the puzzle for me.

She was like that when I had friends over too.

Then she’d get upset when it was clear we didn’t want her around. I tried telling her it was rude to insult people or to interrupt others and to “help” without being asked and to continue when asked to stop.

She would tell me it was boring watching someone struggle and everyone should thank her.

Her sister has some major issues.

There are some things she isn’t so good at and boy her reactions are strong. Like tantrum strong. Our parents banned charades because my sister could not play that to save her life and would get so mad.

She’s had friends but all of them eventually drop her once they grow tired of her complaining about stuff they like (makeup, music, movies, sports) and indirectly calling them dumb.

She’s in a tough spot.

She’s really lonely now because I never hang out with her, she has no friends and even our cousins don’t want to know her. My parents have been on my case about hanging out with my friends and not including my sister and how I don’t ever make time for her anymore.

They said I could and should be helping her way more. The other day I told them it was their job to help her, not mine. They said we’re sisters and yet I act like I don’t like her. The truth is I don’t.

I don’t know if I ever liked her really. But I really don’t like her now and I can’t stand every second I spend with her. I didn’t tell my parents this but saying it was their job to help my sister and not mine really ****** them off.


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Wow, that’s a tough one.

I tend to think siblings need to be as kind as they can to each other, but if somebody is being so difficult… well… too bad.

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