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His Boyfriend’s Father Made Him A Painfully Spicy Dish And He Ate The Whole Thing To Prove A Point, But Now He’s Seriously Ill And Has “Ruined” The Holiday

by Matthew Gilligan

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Have you ever met a significant other’s family members and they decided to test you in unfair ways?

Yeah, it’s not cool!

But it happens all the time…

And the guy who wrote this story on Reddit decided to stand up for himself when he met his boyfriend’s parents.

Was he wrong?

Check out his story below to get all the details.

AITA for eating the food my FIL served me and “ruining” my boyfriend and I’s holiday?

“Background info: I (M 41) am a white American, and my boyfriend (M 38) is Moroccan and half black. His parents took a dislike to me the moment we met.

This wasn’t going too well…

We’ve been together for two years, and he lives in America. The incident in question took place a few days ago. This is only my second time meeting his parents. His mother has been relatively quiet, but it’s obvious she feels the same as his father, who is on an all out warpath.

They think that I’m a typical, useless, American party boy and not good enough for their son, who is an all around goodie-two-shoes. They are wealthy government employees who think that they’re contributing a lot to the world, unlike me.

But this guy is no slouch.

Now, it is important to note that I am also wealthy, self made, and high ranking in my career. So I am not attempting to get on any gravy train. My boyfriend and I are staying at their home in Morocco.

The four of us sat down for dinner, cooked by their private chef. Everybody got a bowl of some Moroccan food, that smelled really good. I noticed that mine looked paler than the others and didn’t have as much of a smell.

I didn’t comment at first, but then his father outright said, as if he was doing me a favor, that he told the chef to put a portion for me aside before she added ANY of the seasoning, because he thought that “my palate wouldn’t handle the spice well”.

I have no issues with spicy food. I could tell that my boyfriend was already uncomfortable, and he told his father that I could eat what they’re eating.

He remained calm.

I managed to keep my cool, despite being really ****** off and told him in no uncertain terms that I could handle spicy food.

Next thing, he took my food and went back to the kitchen.

When he returned, my food was a shade darker than everyone else’s.

But things escalated.

I realized after the first bite that it wasn’t just spicy. It was inedible.

My boyfriend noticed my reaction and told his father off before telling me to stop eating it.

But I didn’t. I ate the food.

And I have never in my life eaten anything like it.

There must have been an entire bottle of hell in it.

The pain.

But I persevered, much to my boyfriends protests. His father simply watched.

I was sweating buckets, felt sick, almost had an asthma attack (another reason that my boyfriend was angry with me, because I put myself at risk) but I ate the whole bowl.

Then I left the table victorious, but in pain.

That didn’t go well…

Fast forward, I’ve been in bed for three days, still feel messed up, may not survive.

My boyfriend says I should have been the bigger person and that there were no winners, that eating the whole bowl was as childish as his father was for serving it, and harmed only me.

He’s been taking care of me, but he’s also blaming me.

I don’t think I was the *******, even if the last three days of our vacation have gone down the drain.”

Let’s see how people reacted on Reddit.

This person said his BF better be sorry about this…

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Another Reddit user hopes this will all be forgotten one day…

Screen Shot 2024 02 20 at 5.26.11 PM His Boyfriend’s Father Made Him A Painfully Spicy Dish And He Ate The Whole Thing To Prove A Point, But Now Hes Seriously Ill And Has Ruined The Holiday

This individual called it instant karma.

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This reader said his BF’s dad is the *******.

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That sounds like a sticky situation…

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