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His Cheating Ex Was Awful To Him So He Canceled A Fancy Spa Day Gift And Used It For Himself

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@mariuschristensen

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My ex cheated, so I refunded a gift and now she’s livid.

“My ex broke up with me just about a year into us dating.

He got the bad news…

In hindsight, she was awful but I was blind to it all.

She broke up with me over the phone, which seemed a little informal from all the time we spent together.

Fast forward a week after that, several individuals connected to her, but not each other, confirmed she was in fact seeing another man.

I didn’t confront her about it, because I realize that things just don’t work out sometimes. It was just the way she went about it that irked me. I’m old enough (late 30s) to accept that people are just jerks, but I also felt like she was getting away with something without feeling even a bit of remorse (the breakup was the only contact, no calls or texts occurred after that over a year ago)

I remembered for Christmas that I bought her (us) a really expensive couples massage spa package because she would always say how she wanted to do something like that. I had purchased some big package from a local place that cost roughly $600.

He came up with a plan…

I obviously didn’t have the certificate with me. I decided to go to the spa and make up a story of how I lost the certificate.

I showed them the receipt (always keep those!) and showed him my credit card charge. They wound up reissuing me a gift card, and canceling the other.

That was over a year ago and frankly I forgot about it. Today I get a call from her (first contact in a year since breaking up) and she’s screaming at me over the phone that the gift certificate is no good and the spa place accused her of “stealing” and what a jerk I was for reporting it to be such.

Here’s the deal…

I called the guy, he said he told her it was reported stolen.

I just politely explained I didn’t think she was deserving of it and if she really wanted to, she could just have Mark (dude she was bangin’) pay for new one.

I then hung up.

Gonna make an appointment to use that card with my new GF soon.

Mission accomplished.”

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