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Family Members Made Rude Comments About His Lifestyle, So He Took Away Their Presents And Kicked Them Out

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/@throwRa-buggy

This is kind of a sad one

The guy who wrote this story on Reddit legitimately sounds like a really nice person and you can tell that they were pretty upset by what happened here…

But did he go too far?

Check out his story and YOU be the judge.

AITA for taking away my family’s gifts because of something I overheard?

“Me [31M] and my long term boyfriend [30M] bought a house together last June.

I have a big family, with eight cousins and around twenty nieces and nephews and I’m the oldest of my generation.

I also have a pretty high paying job and so does my boyfriend.

My boyfriend hasn’t had any contact with his family for over a decade and has been coming to my family celebrations since before we were dating.

He’s a generous guy.

Within my family I am known to be a bit of a splurger with gifts, and the kids are always excited for my gifts because they’re usually big things like LEGO sets and things of the sort.

Now with the story: So today (or yesterday I guess), my family held a pre-Christmas celebration since we will not be able to meet up anytime this year after this week. It was held at me and my boyfriend’s new house, the first family event we’ve had here.

My boyfriend really wanted to take part in the gift giving so went all out with gifts, spending an average of 100 dollars per person. He was so excited to give everyone their presents since we spent not only money but also a lot of time picking everything for everyone.

They were about to be shocked.

The festivities were a hit and my boyfriend and I stepped away for a bit to have some quiet time together.

While we were resting on the stairs, we overheard my cousin [17F] chatting with my niece [15F].

They were joking around about a few family members and mentioned my boyfriend and how he was “too *** to function.”

It got uglier…

Honestly we didn’t mind it too much, it’s a movie reference and they’re kids, but then another cousin [24M] came in and began making harsher jokes, which the kids laughed at.

These “jokes” brought my boyfriend to tears and I refused to let that slide.

When the gift trading began, I took the three aside and let them know that I wasn’t happy with their comments and that they weren’t ok to say.

I told them to apologise to my boyfriend because it was unfair to him and they refused because they were just jokes that we weren’t meant to hear.

He made a decision.

I told them I didn’t care and they had to apologise.

They refused again and I told them that since they don’t respect him they don’t deserve the presents we got for them.

This got them to backtrack and say they’d apologise but I told them it was too late but they should still apologise. This is where I think I might have been too harsh.

The youngest of my cousin’s told her mum, my aunt, that I was refusing to give her and the other two their presents and she was angry about it, she told the parents of my niece and the male cousin’s dad and partner about it and all of them made a huge fuss.

Me and my sister kicked them out and when they tried to grab their presents before leaving I stopped them and rushed them out the door.

The whole thing fell apart after that and it all ended very abruptly.

AITA for kicking them out and taking away their gifts over jokes?”

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He really laid down the law!

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