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His Friend Wasn’t Ready To Leave At The Agreed-Upon Time, So He Left Him 300 Miles From Home

by Trisha Leigh

Source: Reddit/AITA

Friendships can require a lot of give and take, especially if the last a number of years.

Like with any relationship, though, it can only take one significant incident to totally upset the apple cart.

OP and his friend have a side business together.

I (28m) and my friend (28m) buy and flip cars for fun and small profit.

We use my truck, and his trailer, to pick these vehicles up and take them home.

A recent trip was 600 miles round trip and was tight, since he had to work the following day.

We recently went to another state to pick up a 1979 Camaro for my friend. The trip was roughly 600 miles round trip, and 12 hours just in drive time.

By the time we pick up the car, it’s only about 4pm. We planned out the schedule thoroughly, because I had to work the following morning.

He agreed to an extra stop for his friend.

We load the car up, and are about to leave, when the man who sold us the car offers for us to join him and his friends at a local club.

I’m not a party guy, and absolutely didn’t want to, but, my friend talked me into it with the promise of us leaving by no later than 7pm. Meaning that I’d have about 5 hours of sleep to go to work on, which, was doable, so I relented.

However, at 7pm, I was in the truck, ready to go, and my friend was still in the bar, texting me, and telling me he’d “be right out”.

At 8pm I went back into the club and told him reminded him that I had to work in the morning, and that if everything went perfect, I’d be lucky to get 4 hours of sleep if we left right now.

His response was for me to “call out” for my shift. I explained to him that I only had a certain amount of days I could take off, and I needed to save those for emergencies/being sick.

When it took longer than they agreed, though, OP left his friend behind.

He then agreed to leave, and told me that he needed to use the toilet first. I walked outside and waited by the truck for him to come out.

At 8:30pm he was still inside. I called him from the truck to see what the hold up was, and he told me that he “got distracted” and that he was on his way now. At 9pm I detached his trailer from my truck, sent him a text, and left for home.

I’m guessing he genuinely expected me to wait for another hour because at 10pm me called me frantic and angry. Asking me what the heck I was doing and demanding me to come back.

I was still pretty pissed so I sarcastically responded “I’ll be right out” and continued my drive home. AITA?

Was he too rash? Let’s hear what Reddit has to say!

The top comment says absolutely not, he was plenty patient.

Source: Reddit/AITA

This person says it may be time to reevaluate the friendship as a whole.

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OP was maybe too nice, all things considered.

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What else could he have done?

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There might not be a next time, though.

Source: Reddit/AITA

Hey, we all have to have boundaries.

And we have to enforce them sometimes.

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