February 26, 2024 at 12:57 am

His Mother Desperately Wants To See Her Grandson Being Born, But They Say No Way. Now She’s Trying To Make Them Feel Bad.

by Trisha Leigh

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It’s absolutely weird to me that people ask to be in other people’s delivery rooms. If it is not your child, I feel very firmly that you have no right to be there unless the person giving birth wants you there.

And honestly, if you’re not there to be supportive, it’s a hard pass.

OP and his wife are expecting their first child.

Me(M25) and my Partner(F26) Are expecting our first child this friday and both of us are very excited.

His mother, who he has been estranged from, wants to be in the delivery room.

The only issue during this whole pregnancy has been my mum.

Past few years shes barely paid attention to my life and suddenly now im having a child she is always coming over to my house, doing things i tell her not to and that me and my partner would do it.

Recently she has been trying to get me to agree to her there to watch my son be born.

I do not know what the restrictions of people there was before but hospital only allows 2 people in the room for a natural and 1 if C section.

His wife has already chosen her support person (aside from him).

My partner has already decided who she wants in the room with her and I have the full intent to have her wishes respected.

OP’s mom will not let it go.

But the past month my mum has been on me about her getting to see one of her grandchildren be born and she missed her first grandchild be born because my brother and his partner life on different end of the country.

She has now become Disappointed in me over the “choice” because as the father i should be allowed to have a support person in the room with me.

I say i’m not the one pushing out a whole watermelon so why do i?

Im at my wits end and shes only added more stress to me and my partner this whole pregnancy.

I miss the days where I am invisible to her

Does he have any additional obligation here? Reddit will let him know!

The top comment says that birth is not a spectator sport.

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This person says mom’s energy does not seem fit for a delivery room.

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They say she sounds like the kind of person who could make it all about themselves.

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Everything he said she said was pretty ick.

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They had lots of good advice for OP as far as dealing with mom.

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I hope this guy stands strong.

And tells his mom to stop talking, honestly.

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