February 19, 2024 at 12:56 am

His Mother-in-Law Wouldn’t Stop Snooping On His Wife’s Phone, So He Sent Crazy Texts To Teach Her A Lesson

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@jennyueberberg

Nobody likes a snooper!

And you are a person who likes to snoop, I suggest you knock it off right now…or else something like this might happen to you…

Check out what went down in this story from Reddit!

So, you wanna snoop in your daughter’s texts?

“So I’m married to a wonderful woman. She’s smart, funny and very kind.

There’s one issue…

Her mother is generally very nice and tends to have a great attitude and be very enjoyable, a bit of a prude but generally enjoyable, however can be a bit of a major snoop.

If my wife leaves her phone sitting around she will just pick it up and start going through it. My wife has kind of laughed this off as a remnant of her mom being controlling when she was a kid.

I’m not a fan of this because my wife and I will sometimes text about thing that simply don’t involve her mother and I don’t feel are her business at all.

Mommy Dearest was going to learn an embarrassing lesson.

So over Christmas my I saw my wife set her phone down on the kitchen counter and I had a brilliant idea.

Her mom was still in the kitchen and I sent my wife the most depraved text about all the things I was going to do to her when everyone left. (Honestly most of them are things we haven’t even done, but I had to make it extra scarring …)

I sent this text from the bathroom. And maybe it was my imagination but I could swear I could hear an audible gasp shortly after her phone went off.

You can imagine how this turned out…

When I went out her mother absolutely would not look me in the eye. Then not-so-discreetly asked her daughter to come talk to her in the other room.

When my wife came back into the living room I thought she had been crying, however upon closer inspection she was laughing. Her mother had questioned her about me abusing her and if I always talk down to her like that.

My wife had told her kindly that what we do is between us and us only. Probably the best gift this christmas.”

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I seriously laughed at this story.

Serves her right!

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