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His Mother Tricked Him Into Living With His Uncle Permanently, Then Was Angry He Didn’t Want To Come Home When She Asked

by Trisha Leigh

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If the internet has taught us anything, it’s that way too many kids grow up with parents who don’t seem capable of loving them at all.

It’s awful and not right, and when those parents have the audacity to expect anything from their kids as adults, it never goes the way they want.

OP’s parents split up, and when his mother started dating again, she shipped him off to live with his uncle.

My(21m) mom and I have a less then stellar relationship. My parents are divorced, and I lived with her until I was 16.

A couple of months before I turned 16, she started dating a guy, and he didn’t like me at all. I always had to be elsewhere when he came around.

Shortly after my 16th birthday, my mom told me I was going to spend the weekend on my uncle’s farm.

So I went and it was pretty fun.

She didn’t show up the day she was supposed to pick me up, so I called her, and she basically told me I was staying with my uncle permanently.

When I told him he was mad, rightfully so. We both tried calling her, but she didn’t answer. We did everything we could think of to get a hold of her, but we couldn’t.

The last time I saw her was a week later when she dropped off the rest of my clothes.

In the end, it turned out ok and he is happy with where he is today.

My uncle is technically not my uncle. He’s just a family friend, but he’s the closest thing I’ve had as a parent for the last 5 years.

(My dad and I aren’t close. Apparently, his house was too full for me when my mom left). Honestly, a big part of me is glad this happened.

Shorty after I moved in, I got my own horse. She’s a clydesdale named Mary(6f) and she’s my best friend.

I’ve been working on the ranch with my uncle since I graduated and I’m really liking it. I feel at peace.

Then, five years later, his mother showed up and demanded he come home.

Anyway, my mom showed up to the ranch today, I had just got on Mary. It was funny, she didn’t recognize me at first. She came up to me and asked if I’d dismount. I didn’t.

She told me this story about how she moved across the country with her ex because she thought she’d be happy with him then she told me that things didn’t work out so she found a place.

Then she basically demanded I “come home.”

He refused to even entertain the conversation.

I sarcastically said “sure” and I got Mary to start walking.

That set her off. She started after me and started ranting about how I needed to live a “normal life” and that I had to find a girlfriend and not ride horses all day.

I stopped and said “as far as you’re concerned, this horse is my girlfriend,” and that set her off even more.

My uncle caught wind of what was happening and he came over and asked her to leave. She shouted “I’m not leaving without my son!!”

My uncle told her to leave again and threatened to call the cops if she didn’t and that got her to leave.

The reason I’m making this post is because my dad just sent me this long text about how my mom misses me and how she only wants what’s best for me.

He then went on to say that I should give her a chance instead of threatening to call the cops. He ended the text by saying I was a jerk for not even getting off my horse to speak with her.

AITA for walking away when my mom tried to talk to me?

She’s mad, but does Reddit think he did anything wrong? Let’s find out!

The top comment reminds him that choices have consequences.

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This person suggests she has ulterior motives.

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She’s lucky she’s gotten off this easy.

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They’re shocked at the gall of this woman.

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If she was saying she was wrong, she should have apologized.

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Talking about not getting off your high horse.

Totally justified this time, if you ask me.

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