February 26, 2024 at 3:46 pm

Oldest Daughter Wants Her Own Suite So She Doesn’t Have To “Babysit” Her Teenage Sisters, But Dad Demands She Stop Complaining And Share The Room

by Trisha Leigh

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Sometimes I think people who have a pretty good life don’t really seem to realize how nice they have it.

That can be understandable when they’re young, but by the time you’re in your 20s you should probably have figured out that you’re spoiled.

OP is taking his family on a cruise and thought his three oldest girls could share a room.

I have 3 daughters 24f 15f and 16f.

We plan to go on a 7 night alaska cruise In the summer and we booked two junior suites as my oldest wanted one. We got a good deal and got the third person for free

Our plan was to have the girls share the suite while we take our ours

His oldest said she doesn’t want to “babysit” her teenage sisters.

My oldest is angry and expected her own suite and got mad that she’s been forced to “babysit”

I told her that sharing a room with a 15 and 16 year old isn’t babysitting and that suites are expensive.

Getting her another suite would cost about 1600 dollars due to double occupancy rates and I feel that’s a huge waste of money and I’d rather use it for excursions.

OP offered a smaller room, not a suite.

I offered that if she wanted her own room I would book her an interior or oceanview room or a solo room if I could find one.

My oldest is mad because I’m making her choose between having a worse room or having to babysit her siblings.

She’s still mad and for some reason, her grandfather agrees with her.

my fil is suggesting we get her a suite and that an adult should not share a room with a child.


I’m betting Reddit is going to see things differently.

The top comment says the oldest has no reason to complain.

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This person says if you’re not paying you don’t get a deciding vote.

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They say her perspective sure seems skewed.

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This commenter agrees the oldest can pay if she wants special treatment.

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After all she’s already getting a pretty sweet deal.

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I am appalled at this woman’s behavior.

Probably her parents should have nipped it in the bud a long time ago.

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