February 27, 2024 at 10:43 pm

Hospital Management Created A Bad Overtime Policy, So Nurses Took Advantage And Made Them See The Error Of Their Ways

by Matthew Gilligan

Source: Reddit/AITA/Unsplash/@hush52

It’s so satisfying to read stories from Reddit’s “Malicious Compliance” page when workers really stick it to THE MAN.

And this is one of those stories!

Check out how this nurse showed her managers what was really up when they tried to enforce new rules about overtime.

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Don’t want to pay me 7 minutes of overtime? Okay, pay me an hour.

“I’m a nurse and a hospital I worked at early on paid by tenths of an hour, as most do. They were cracking down on OT.

This was not a good situation.

They were more than happy for us to clock out up to 7:36 (quit time was 7:30 and this meant we didn’t get OT) but if we clocked out at 7:37 -0.1 hour late, it was a problem.

The unit I was on got a new director and became hell. More and more people quit, they couldn’t replace them, we became dangerously short staffed.

We never took the two 15m breaks. Ever. We usually clocked out for a lunch, because you’d get in trouble if you didn’t, never mind you didn’t have time, but we had to clock out.

About half the time we would have to work during that mandatory lunch, unpaid. What am I going to do? Sorry you’re about to *** but my lunch is getting cold?

The manager laid down the rules.

Anyway, big OT crackdown came. Our manager told us if we had more than 1 late clock out we’d get a verbal (not really verbal bc it’s documented in file), another late clock out a written.

Then who knows.

Now, I rarely clocked out late because I worked my tail off but about once every other week I may clock out 0.1-0.2h late but that’s because I’d tried REALLY hard to get out on time.

I didn’t even want the OT, I wanted to go home! About everyone got a verbal within 2 weeks.

She then came back and said if you clock out 0.1-0.4h late then you would get the verbal.

However, if it was >0.5h late then they knew something bad happened and would let it go.

So all of us that did our best to get out within 0.1 late on bad days.

They showed them…

No longer.

We took our sweet time and we were all clocking out 45-60 minutes late.

Our documentation was never so perfect.

Suddenly they dropped the whole thing.”

Here’s how folks reacted on Reddit.

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Sounds like they made a pretty big mistake, huh?

You can say that again!

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