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‘Just give it to him.’ – Shopper Feels Like A Thief After He Found $30 Item For $3 And The Staff Let Him Have The Deal

by Laura Lynott

Source: TikTok/@rja_fitness

We are so accustomed to going to the store and getting ripped off, right? Well, what if you could get that expensive item for a few dollars!

This guy found a way and I’m here for it – but it involved a serious injection of good luck! And we all could do with some of that during inflation, right?

So, TikToker Ron Andronaco @rja_fitness he found an item on a store shelf worth $30 but the price tag said $3! Bargain.

The only thing was, there was clearly some kind of mistake and one employee wasn’t sure whether he should walk out with the item for such a steal!

He told his followers: “I feel like I just committed theft… I was expecting to spend at least $30 on this item. Go in, look at the item, it has a little sticker on it that says only $3. I was like: my lucky day!.”

Source: TikTok/@rja_fitness

Here’s where the first bit of luck came in. But he needed more of it. Read on…

He added: “So I grabbed the item and me knowing that this could be a mistake, looked at all the other items of this same thing and they’re all marked with the same sticker, only three dollars I was like, OK, cool.”

“So I bring it up to the register, the guy rings it up and he’s like ‘It comes out to like $30 something odd dollars,’ I was like ‘Oh no, but the sticker it says only three bucks.’ And he goes, ‘Oh, you’re right!’.”

Source: TikTok/@rja_fitness

He’s not home free yet though and the cashier pushes back. He says it’s a “new version” of the item and “there’s no way this is $3, I don’t know if I can give this to you for $3.’

But now comes the second dose of good luck. The cashier called the manager over and she made a very interesting call.

He explained: “So she goes, ‘Just give it to him.’ So they gave me the item for $3.”

Source: TikTok/@rja_fitness

What a win! But the shopper was so grateful he told the staff they might want to adjust the other stickers, as they all read $3.

But he walked right out of that store with a complete bargain.

Sold as advertised! Remember this tip if you find something with a price tag that can’t be for real.

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Here’s what people thought of the cheeky buy!

People feel this was only fair.

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No, we all wanna know!

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I know! Tell us!!

Source: TikTok/@rja_fitness

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with saving a little money.

Go get those deals, fam!